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TWENTY SOMETHING | VKOOKby ॰。॰ ♡ sim ♡ ॰。॰
... need to find the original description ... written by LARRYVGL, not me. i'm not the original author
Lockdown on London Lane [PUBLISHED w/ WATTPAD BOOKS] by Reekles
Lockdown on London Lane [ Beth Reeks
***Published in the US with Wattpad Books and in the UK under the title 'LOVE, LOCKED DOWN' -- out now in ebook and paperback, and also audiobook in the UK!*** When the...
WE'RE NOT KIDS ANYMOREby sad boys ent.
If we're the adults, then where did all the kids go? A story about young people figuring life out. #1 black poetry [08152021] #1 blacklit [08162021]
The Game Changer by steffy_t
The Game Changerby steff
*in the process of being rewritten and re-published* Who doesn't love a second chance romance? The Game Changer Sequel to The Seat Filler #1 general fiction 04/06/2015
Delayed by marychris_e
Delayedby Mary Chris Escobar
AUTHOR'S NOTE Thank you for taking the time to read my story! If you want to learn more about me and my other books please visit my website, (there'...
fennen by LETDAMOU
fennenby LETDAMOU
Nobody prepares you for the confusing struggle of parting ways with who you once were. If you're stubborn like me you'll try and fight it only to realize that you can't...
Where Do Broken Hearts Go? by doeneseya
Where Do Broken Hearts Go?by doeneseya
When Angel Hardin wakes from a ride-home nap on Valentine's Day, she finds a totaled car and flashing ambulances, but not her driving husband, Alex.
twenty creeps by jolie_secret
twenty creepsby jolie_secret
Just a girl living in her twenty's Bad at love Reminiscing Overthinking other stories: If you speak German read: Advice mein Leben zwischen den Zeilen
worried by famouxx
worriedby kassandra tate
With a dead-end job and no discernible life outside of it, Ty Welles is one step away from a quarter-life crisis. The more bitter she gets, and the less she sleeps, the...
My Summer Antidote by littlemixedgirl9
My Summer Antidoteby littlemixedgirl
If summer were a drug, I would take it all year long... I would snort it like cocaine and I would most definitely be addicted... In an empathetic sense, of course. And...
Augusta Again  (Completed) by Designschool
Augusta Again (Completed)by Kim Griffin
Gorgeous boss, handsome coworker, ex who cheated. Will anyone break down Caroline's barriers and win her heart, and will her past come back to haunt her? As top intern...
The Promotion Dilemma (Office Romance) by larajadeauthor
The Promotion Dilemma (Office Lara Jade
Ruby Dobb has worked with Nathan Dalton for two and a half years now and was not that impressed. The typical arrogant behavior was one thing but after locking her keys i...
My Lips Are Sealed by 3pointt14
My Lips Are Sealedby Azia Mery
Coming Soon... Add to reading list to stay up to date! Written by Vulvodynia/ Intimate Wellness TikToker @azia_mery
This Is Paradise? by ZigmundFreudStardust
This Is Paradise?by ZigmundFreudStardust
Before Charlie passed away at twenty-three, he had one final surprise for his four best friends after his death: a trip to Mexico to relax after their month of grief! T...
Slow Dancing on a Rooftop by wistfulsunrise
Slow Dancing on a Rooftopby Charlene Franco
After years of keeping in touch but never seeing each other in the past few years, Eleanor and Jacob reunite on the rooftop of a mutual friend's wedding. Step by step, s...
Fiends Of A Different Kind by mdstevens0612
Fiends Of A Different Kindby Matt-Dave Stevens
Episodic adventures of a group of supernatural friends living in the city and trying to get by. Published whenever I damn well feel like it. Odette "Dot" Holli...
Twenties Entries by hsiehscribbles
Twenties Entriesby Hsieh
Entries and thoughts about life, love, sorrow, happiness, good days, bad days, and the like. They often say that it's okay to feel lost in your 20s, I hope I'm getting...
How it Happened by lalalalawriting
How it Happenedby ℓαℓαℓαℓαwriting
So, I'm kinda clumsy. I tripped when I walked across the stage to receive my high school diploma, knocked down a ladder that was supporting my dad, and sneezed into a w...
Jack & Sadie by TheDaisyReed
Jack & Sadieby TheDaisyReed
Sadie knows there's nothing worse than constantly being overlooked. Even now, hundreds of miles away from her small hometown, she's still pining for the approval of her...