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His not so beautiful wife by suzangill98
His not so beautiful wifeby suzangill98
The youngest billionaire in town with the looks of Adonis and everything at his feet desired just one thing more in life. His perfect match. He wished for a wife whose b...
The Replaced Bride(Completed)  by FlowerVine98
The Replaced Bride(Completed) by Anonymous Writer
She is Bubbly, He is Arrogant She is the ray of sunshine, He is full of darkness. This story about an plus size woman and an handsome man. Both are thrown together in t...
Memes by isabellexcute
Memesby isabellexcute
Memes that are pictures
Reincarnated as the detested villain by AlierStar1
Reincarnated as the detested Stories of passion
***** COVER ART IS NOT MINE, CREDIT TO ORIGINAL ARTIST**** For some people, looks are everything. They define decisions and are the reason why others act the way they do...
We Could Happen (OUAT SwanQueen) by OuchPotato
We Could Happen (OUAT SwanQueen)by SWEN
The story is set after Hook rescued Emma from her fiancé Walsh, who turned out to be a flying monkey. Emma comes back to Storybrooke a year after the second curse had be...
Ugly Duckling (ManXMan) by hersheychoco
Ugly Duckling (ManXMan)by hersheychoco
12 Brothers. A Father. And a dead mother. What's needed to say when the entire family hates you because your hair's Orange?
I Want You by one2manyOTPs
I Want Youby 2manyOTPs
Regina Mills in like to be the CEO of Mills & Co once her mother retires and she's in the look for a new PA what happens when Emma Swan starts looking for a job?
THE UGLY DUCKLING © by charmedlavender
THE UGLY DUCKLING ©by Charmed Lavender
************************************************************************** (NICOLE ELISSE TRAIN) Remember the story about a duckling who failed in comparison to the beau...
SwanQueen "To love a Dark heart" by LesbianForParrilla
SwanQueen "To love a Dark heart"by Mal
In the enchanted forest Regina the queen to be is broken and manipulated. she will never find freedom or love until she meets a stranger in the forest Swan is her name...
Once Upon A Happy Beginning by aphrodite_kiss
Once Upon A Happy Beginningby K Jones
What would have happened if Once had continued after defeating the Black Fairy with no time jump? Emma Swan wakes up after winning the Final Battle and being kissed awak...
Feel The Rejection -A Season To Fall In Love  by sifanabash492
Feel The Rejection -A Season To sifana fathima
Words are easy to be uttered, You will never realise whom you have shattered! Life can be unpredictable I know but , betraying some one is not nice! I know you...
The 14th Concubine of a Harem King by prettydotty_
The 14th Concubine of a Harem Kingby
All Princess Lorora wants is a simple life with her pet fish and minimal attention on her homely self as possible. That's why she agreed to become the 14th concubine of...
OVER THE SEAS || OUAT by chefdowney
OVER THE SEAS || OUATby chefdowney
What if... David Nolan had another daughter without Snow? During the first twelve years of the first curse, Valerie and David Nolan were happily married to each other. W...
Swan Queen Once Shots by yellowbugsavior
Swan Queen Once Shotsby yellowbugsavior
This will be a series of one shots all put together. Each chapter will be a new story unless it says Part 1, that means the next chapter will be an add on. Some of th...
Loving Through Glass   by Lyssagirl7686
Loving Through Glass by Alyssa Anne
This story was an entry in Target's OnceUpon Contest, because of this, and a 10,000 word limit all together, it is a lot faster than most stories. If you aren't into a r...
𝐔𝐆𝐋𝐘 𝐃𝐔𝐂𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐆 • chaelisa  by moonlightsari
the ugly duckling, park chaeyoung gets accepted as a secretary at one of the top most elite fashion companies in seoul, korea. she finds herself having to deal with brea...
Short Stories by booksandspace_
Short Storiesby Heather
Short Stories & One Shots when I feel like it. Including some short snippets from my everyday life. (Now accepting one-shot requests) Beautiful cover by @PrincessNichol...
Loving an Heiress by starb82
Loving an Heiressby starb82
An heiress on the loose! When the no:1 woman magazine in South Korea was declining in revenue, the chairman of the group was desperate in getting his grand-children to t...
Nobody Said It Was Easy (Part 2 of It's Tuesday) by aloncha_1114
Nobody Said It Was Easy (Part 2 vic the fangirl!!
At the end of the first story, we had left off with Jen, Cameron's childhood friend, ask her if she has moved on from the death of her late husband. This part of the sto...