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RE8 Lady Dimitrescu x Male Reader by Jet_The_Knight
RE8 Lady Dimitrescu x Male Readerby The_Inquisitor
(Y/n) (L/n) was a writer of mythical legends turned to horror stories. He was moderately known for his work, little did people know he got his ideas directly from the so...
What Next? by dibdabz
What Next?by Debs
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The Survivors by AmandaHavard
The Survivorsby Amanda Havard
"It's unlike any paranormal book I've read--very smart, very fresh, and very addictive, and very still in my mind." –And Anything Bookish In 1692, when witch t...
Crushed - Jacob Tremblay X Reader [COMPLETED] by -Redheadlover-
Crushed - Jacob Tremblay X Savannah Parker
[COMPLETED] Y/N Winters has to be the nerdiest kid in the whole school. When a group of mean kids start to bully her during lunch, a cute boy comes to her aid, defending...
Forever with His Edith by AbbyDi23ner
Forever with His Edithby AbbyDi23ner
A collection of one-shots of my characters from I was a Mistake. Take a closer look at Eden, Noah, and other's lives. This is not a stand alone book, but I would love f...
Manipulation [Bucky Barnes Fic] by SleepyCrowz
Manipulation [Bucky Barnes Fic]by XXX
My name is Ruth Costa and I am twelve years old. I was abused and traumatized because of my past, which led me to find the one of the most dangerous things in Romania, a...
Panic Room ➵  Band of Brothers ✓ by nix0ni
Panic Room ➵ Band of Brothers ✓by nixoni
❝ Why do we always have to fight for peace? ❞ © Joseph Liebgott fanfiction all rights go to Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and everyone who worked on it. © cover made by m...
Band of Brothers Preferences and Imagines by SunflowerThot
Band of Brothers Preferences and SunflowerThot
I noticed not enough stories were about my boys! anyways, please do request, they are always open! Any character, any situation, maybe even a song for me to listen to w...
My Incubus by fvcktastic
My Incubusby fvcktastic
Freya was a normal girl, she had good friends and a good family. She was ordinary until she went to Demon, a night club in Miami. That's when she met Will, he intrigues...
Maybe One Day by SolomonReed
Maybe One Dayby Solomon Reed
After completing two years of service as regular infantry, First Sergeant Megan Bonti finally decides to request a transfer to be a part of the paratroops. She had just...
When Snow Covers The Fire (TMNT 2007) by TrionixPrime
When Snow Covers The Fire (TMNT Katherine Grace Concio
Miyuki or Miyu is a half Japanese and half French that lives in New York after she finishes college at the age of 18. She met Raphael by accident on her way back home fr...
Winter's Heart (Bucky Barnes x child) by xxhappyTxx
Winter's Heart (Bucky Barnes x Taylor
She was bred for HYDRA. The little girl knows nothing but HYDRA. So when she's finally free, but is caught between the middle of a war, what will she do? A Bucky Barnes...
Fight me, Fix me, Free me  by BethanyWatson295
Fight me, Fix me, Free me by Beth Rosè Watson
Captured by hydra to be the second Winter soldier, where you meet James Buchanan Barnes but will you both make it out and will you forgive yourself for all the things yo...
My heart is yours by Blugonaiko
My heart is yoursby Rigralliun
Since you were brought by Heisenberg to the castle your life as been horrible but why don't you escape at the first occasion , has your countess despite being scary stol...
a fate that was never expected (Ethan Winters x Heisenburg) by Crite4343
a fate that was never expected ( Crite4343
DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS, GAME OR ART USED IN THIS STORY A story based of RE8, where Ethan recovers Rose and Mia. A price had to be paid for them to be fr...
Not an Ordinary Girl (Jelsa DISCONTIUNED) by SunnyMaple
Not an Ordinary Girl (Jelsa Jennifer Silver
Elsa Winters was not an ordinary girl. Jack Frost wanted out. He needed help. Merida Dunbroch wanted to be free. She needed help. Hiccup Haddock wanted to be good enough...
💙Ethan Winter's Oneshots. by SilverSunnflurry
💙Ethan Winter's ケイKai
Resident Evil Fanfic book. Bottom Ethan. Art not mine.
Winters Fate by Brandonia666
Winters Fateby ~B
Itachi Uchiha is a the eldest son of the Uchiha Corporations president. Naruto Uzumaki-Hatake is the son of the companies CEO. Itachi is following in his fathers footste...
The Bionic Teens, Leo, and Me  by theatre__geek
The Bionic Teens, Leo, and Me by theatre__geek
Vi Winters is truly loving her life. The Davenports have wholeheartedly accepted her. Her parents show her new affection. Chase loves her. Life is good. But it is only f...
Always Remember [DYR Sequel] by aeralust
Always Remember [DYR Sequel]by Λ Σ Я Λ
When news travels from London to Canada that her brother is getting married, Santana-Daire is forced back to her personal hellhole of a home and to his wedding. When Ryd...