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     I look down at the piece of paper, wondering how I'm going to tell them. Hermes has dropped it off this morning, asking me questions about where it came from and why he couldn't open it. As soon I saw the T on the envelope, I knew, he's taunting me and trying to get me to come back. while the contract said that he couldn't physically come and bring me back, nor could he send any monsters to come and collect me, nothing said that he couldn't send messages and taunts. Bruce and them demanded to know what was in it and who sent it, but I have locked myself in my room with Αστέρι. She sits by my side looking at me as if waiting on something, I pat her head, then open the letter. 

       Hello my little pupil,

Have you missed me?I've missed you, its been lonely and boring all these years without your screams. The monsters have become complacent again without you here to help put them back in their place. 

You remember that short time we had together, don't you? The time where you finally stopped fighting the darkness inside of  you and gave in? I sure haven't, you were really beautiful during those fifty years. Don't you pretend that you didn't like it either, deep down,you loved it. You only didn't like it after because of how you Annabeth would've looked at you. Don't be startled that I've been watching, I promised that I wouldn't come or send anyone to get you, not that I wouldn't watch. 

Tell me, how would she feel if she knew that you were killing mortals, hhmmm? She would look at you in disgust and fear, she wouldn't let you explain why. She would abandon you, and leave you. And your mortal family? They would put you in prison, maybe the little angry one and the tall rage filled one would understand, but not the rest. But me, I understand, I've seen the mortals you've killed, what they did to deserve it. 

Come back to me, be my little pupil again, let us torture the monsters that really deserve it together .

Sincerly, Tarturas. 

This is just a teaser chapter for my readers who have been asking me to update. I currently have most of the chapters on google docs, and am slowly coping and pasting them as well as editing them. I am overseas at the moment and cant really update them as much as I would like. Thank all of you lovely readers for sticking with me.

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