Chapter 2: I Learn That I Have a Spirited Niece. (Edited)

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      Bruce's POV:

      I was sitting down at my desk doing paperwork when the phone range. 

      "Wayne." I say into the phone.

      "Mr. Wayne, this is Captain Jamie Folker from the Manhattan Police Department, I was calling to see if you knew about your sister, Sophia Wayne, being adopted?" A female voice asks and my mind spins. After all this time, has she finally been found?

      "No, I wasn't can you give me her information so I can pay her a visit?" 

       "That's why were calling you sir, she, along with her husband are dead, they had a second child but she was kidnapped, we have no lead on who would've taken her. They have an older daughter, but she wasn't at home at the time and she came about midday. We were wondering if you would take her in?" She was married, and had two kids?!?!? Why was she killed? Of course I want my niece. 

      "I will, whats her name?"

      "Percila Jackson, she has a troubled past that is not really her fault at all, she just has a bunch of bad luck, most of which evolving because she has ADHD and dyslexia, and she has been expelled from nine different schools because of it. Because of her being kidnapped so much, she has severe PTSD and a therapy dog to help her. I will let her explain it if you still want her." 

     "I will be there at nine tomorrow to fill out the paperwork." I tell her then hang up and I go online and look up the Jackson's. I continued to go through the list until I came to an Estelle and Jim Jackson. There was a picture of them standing behind a older version of Sophia. The description said, Estelle, Jim and their newly adopted daughter Sally Jackson. I then searched up Sally and my eyes widened. Her parents died and she went to live with her uncle. She married a man named Gabe Ugliano , who went missing about four years ago. Then she met and english teacher named Paul Blofis who she then married. I exit my office and see Alfred coming down the hall and I ask.

      "Can you tell Harley and the boys to come to the living room real quick? I have something to tell you?"

     "Of course Master Wayne, I believe Master Tim and Master Dick are already in there."

      "Thank you Alfred." I tell him, then make my way to the living room. When  I get there, Tim  was sitting on the side of the couch, throwing a ball back and forth while Dick was playing on his phone. I clear my throat and they both jump and look at me, the ball that Tim had through up hit him on his head

      "Can you stop doing that?" Tim asked, I smiled, but did not say anything. Damian and Jason come into the living room with Alfred and Harley behind them. 

      "What is it Father/Bruce?" both Jason and Damian said at the same time. 

      "Alfred know some of this, but the rest of you do not know. As you know, my parents were murdered when I was eight, but what you don't know is that I had a sister. She was five when they were killed and she ran away, I tried to find her, but she changed her name to Sally and end up all the way in Manhattan where she was adopted by a couple called the Estelle and Jim Jackson, she lived with them until they died in a plane crash. She went to live her uncle then had a child before marrying a man by the name of Gabe Ugliano. Not much is known about him but he went missing about four years ago. A couple of years later, she married a man by the name of Paul Blofis. I just got a call saying that they found her but she was murdered along with her husband but their second child was kidnapped, no leads as to who or why." 

      "What about her first child?" Dick asked. 

      "She was missing at the time, but she showed up when the police were working on getting the bodies out. The Manhattan police called and asked if I wanted custody of her. I told her yes and she told me that she has a troubled past and that most of it wasn't her fault. She also got kidnapped a lot and to help her PTSD, she has a therapy dog. I am picking her up tomorrow morning, please save the pranks and fights until after she gets settled." I tell them. They nod and Jason asks. 

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