Chapter 3: Leo has a Red Headed Twin

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Percy POV: 

      Before Bruce arrived, the officer put me in another officers room where I waited for him to come. While I was waiting on him, my mind kept thinking. What will he do when he finds out? What will he think? Will he be ok with me being blind and having ADHD? Does he have any children? Will they like me? What's Annie going to think? I should've texted her when I found out. She is going to be mad. Has Leo blew anything up yet?  How long will it take for the monsters to find me? Where does he live? Will he turn out like Gabe?-- I was cut off when the door opened and the familiar footsteps of the officer came in the door followed by some slightly lighter footsteps. I turn to the sound and stood up as the two figures come inside, the lighter footsteps followed  by the slightly heavier ones. 

      "Percila-" A Captain Folker said.

      "Percy."  I correct her.

      "What?" she asked.

      "I go by Percy."

      "Okay, Percy, this is your uncle, Bruce Wayne. He has decided to take you home with him." I nod, and turn to give my new uncle a questioning look. 

      "I'll get the paperwork, then you can sign and be on your way." The Captain said and left the room. I hear my uncle sigh as I look around the room, pretty soon the Captain comes back and I ask her a question.

      "Can I go back to the apartment and get a few things?" I can tell that I caught her by surprise, but she quickly recovers and says.

      "Yes, I'll have Sargent Storge follow you and let you in." I smile, my whole face lighting up. The Captain hands Bruce the paperwork, I hear a pen scraping against the paper that lets me know that Bruce signs it. 

       "Storge, follow them back to the apartment and let Percila get her things." Captain says, we head outside and Bruce opens the car door for me. A car comes in front of us and we start to follow it 'til we reach the apartment. We park on the side and I can tell that there are a few officers still here and police tape is wrapped around the front. Bruce and me get out at the same time with Αστέρι following behind, and head to the Sargent. He pulls up the tape so we can open it and I lead them to my apartment and wait for the Sargent to open it. When he does he says.

      "Make it quick, grab what you need then come out, we'll be right here when your done." I nod and head inside of the apartment, Αστέρι following me. I go to the kitchen and grab a pot then head to my room and dig up one of the Moonlaces to put in a bigger pot when I get to Bruce's. I grab my backpack that I use for quests, it's enchanted by Aphrodite so that it has no end, and move my dresser quietly and open a trap door that I had under it to hold my instruments. I put my guitar, keyboard, and mandalin inside along with the stuff from camp, before putting blue jeans and camp T-shirts along with a few long sleeved shirts, then we make our way back to the boys. I nod to the Sargent, signifying that I'm ready to leave, and he nods back, then walks us back to the car and opens the door. 

      "Travel safe, whoever killed your parents could be after you." I nod and turn my head to the window as we leave. We were on the road for a few minutes before Bruce spoke up. 

      "I have four boys, a dog, and you have a crazy aunt." I turn to him, then turn back to the window and ask.

      "What are they like, and what's his name?"

      "They don't trust people easily, so it will take a while before they decide to trust you, but they are good boys. Dick and Tim will probably be the ones that will like you fist, Jason and Damian will both be sketchy of you, but Jason will like you before Damian does. He doesn't mean any offence, he just doesn't trust anyone. And the dogs name is Ace, he is a Great Dane mix. Harley is very protective of them, but should warm up to you." He says and I smile, Damian sounds a lot like Nico. 

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