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Intro begins

In the corners of the Realm where the Silver Bears Chapter resides. Ships are ready to leave to the unknown part beyond their realm. Though they will not be alone.

Next it shows Y/n looking at the night sky, with Jeanne by his side,enjoying each others company. Though next, it shows him in a battle with his team and RWBY against grimm. But his eyes glow like fire as he roars like a bear and charges at them.

Then it switches back to beacon academy. Where Ozpin and his inner circle wonder what Y/n is. As he is experiencing changes with his body as his body glows with a silver like fire.

On another scene shows Y/n who looks more bear like with his sword out, facing his foe. Adam return the gesture as they charged at each other. Ready to see who is the true master swordsman.

Lastly it shows Y/n and another foe facing each other on top of a burning building. As the sounds of gun fire is heard. Soon the image of a giant bear covered in silver fire appears behind Y/n as he says.

"I have fought through many foes with my sons and fellow soldiers. But I will never falter on my duty, I have swore not only to my father but to all I hold dear. I will vanquish all the enemies that threaten the innocent.

To not let chaos burn the galaxy. I wish to return to see my sons and home world Arterious. Return to Terra and see my father once again. To reunite with my brothers if they still live. Take the battle to the traitors and close the eye of terror.

For my dream to lead the Imperium into a new age. One where hope lives and peace runs through all the galaxy. Until the day comes, I will continue to fight for I am my father's sword against terror and the Imperiums shield. As I stand as the bulwark against terror, I will not know no fear."

Intro ends

In the wolrd of Arterious

Chapter Master Eric is pleased to see that everything is going as planned. The small fleet is ready and the six company's in along with few platoons of Auxiliary troops. Though there is one more that will come with then. Eric went to the floor in their chapter monastery, where they kept their dreadnoughts. They took a few with them but, there is one who they must take with them.

It was he who fought with their father during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. He was entombed in a Contemptor Dreadnought. Even though the knowledge to make them was mostly lost in the Imperium. The Silver Bears and their successor chapters still have the knowledge on how to make them. As well they held on to much lost knowledge due to Y/n asking his father for a copy of the technology before it was all lost.

Now Eric stood in front of the Dreadnought. Once it was activated the sleeping warrior awaken. This was Zack the First Great Bear.

Eric:It's good to speak to you once again.

Zack: Yes it has been some time. Though I doubt this is just a visit?

Eric: *nods*It seems all of the Chapter and maybe in our successor chapters. Have experienced a vision.

Zack: I have seen the vision as well. It could only mean one thing. Our father has truly return.

Eric: That is why we chose to wake you up.

Zach: I can recognized the fire of our father anywhere. Call in the tech priests. We must find our father.

Eric nodded and called them down, with his vox.

The Silver Bears soon were ready as they all boarded their vessels. In one the battle barge of the Blade of Arterious. There stood Eric in the bridge.

Eric: Brothers during the ten millennia. We have fought to defend our Realm, from falling a dark path. Have push back the Ecclesiarchy from ruining everything our father built. Now, by the will of the Emperor. Our father has returned and now it's our duty to find him and return him home. I know you have felt it in our hearts. The fire that burned bright, has return and it will shine more once for when we reunite with our father. For we are the proud sons of Y/n. We are blade of the Emperor and Shield of Imperium.

As soon he stop his speech. He can hear the voices of his brothers cheering. At the prospect of seeing their father with them once again.

Admiral David: A fine speech my lord. We are ready to jump into the warp. At your command. The Emperor Protects.

Eric: The emperor Protects Admiral. Begin jump and let's search for our Primarch.

Soon the small fleet, jumped into the warp. But unlike before, where it was dangerous. Now it was more safer, thanks to the Emperor being healed. They will go into the unknown, ready to face what stands between them and their father.

Back in Remnant

Y/n has been feeling a lot of changes, it started a two months ago. When Jeanne unlocked his aura. Now he has been feeling, parts of his old life are being returned.  Like his teeth have began to grow canines similar to his old body.

Though it has made his partner Jeanne and the rest of his team worry about him. Jeanne didnt dare leave Y/n's side as the changes began. Always made sure to check on him.

Today she managed to convince him to talk to the doctor about it. Once they finish their classes. Jeanne and Y/n are seen, walking together towards the doctor office.

Y/n: I told you Jeanne, I'm feeling fine right now.

Jeanne: But I dont want to risk it Y/n. You need to have Doctor Blaze to do a check up on you.

Y/n just went silent after she said it. Since he had learned first hand that, jeanne is a uncontrollable force of nature herself when she sets her mind on something. Still he might be dense ina few things, but he could tell that Jeanne cares about him more than a friend or partner should.

Sure it's been a few months since they were a team. But that is a problem for another day. They arrive at the office and went in. Inside there was doctor Blaze, or her full name Viola Blaze. A beautiful woman in her mid twenties, with  brown hair that pass over her shoulders. Light brown skin and red eyes. Her figure is something the boys drool about.

Viola: Hello,how may I help you today?

Jeanne: We are here, to have a checkup for Y/n.

Viola: Really, what seems to be the problem?

Y/n: Well I have been getting these weird changes and some parts of my body began to change.

That made the doctor raise her eyebrow, as he told Y/n to sit down so she could perform a checkup.

Once he did she ask Jeanne to wait outside. She seems to hesitate a bit before, Y/n gave her a nod as she left the office to wait.

Viola: You are lucky to have a partner like her, that is worried about you.

Y/n: Yeah I am.

After a bit of time, she did his checkup with xrays and regular procedures. She told him to, rest up and take some pain pills incase it got worse. He nodded and hid her farewell.

As soon Y/n left, Doctor Blaze looked over the images of the xray. She was surprise to see what she saw. Y/n's ribcage seem to begin to form up together like forming a plate. There is also of growth of unknown organs beginning to develop. She though they were tumors but it was dismissed after closer inspection. His teeth also began to be sharper and form like a like a bears.

It defies all known science and medical knowledge. So she wrote up a report about it.

Viola: I need to be careful, if this report gets into the hands of Atlas. I know there are people who would love to put Y/n under dissection.

Viola knew that, Ozpin can't be able to get the report. Since she knows how close he and the general of Atlas are. She will do all in her power to keep her patient safe.

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