The search begins

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Intro begins

Y/n was walking towards Beacon with his team,alongside with his sister and her team. Next it shows him fighting off Grimm and White fang with a righteous Fury. After that he is shown to be sitting outside while someone is with him as they lie down resting her head on his shoulder. Then it shows imperial vessels in space as the adeptus astartes of the Silver Bear and others make their warp jump into the unknown. Lastly he is shown to look up at the night sky as a growl of a mighty bear is heard as he says these words.

"I will never fear what lurks in the darkness. For I am my father's sword and the Imperiums Shield. I will fight the enemies of mankind in his name. To serve and protect the citizens of the Imperium. For I am my father's son and always will be. Nothing will stop me no heretic,traitor or demon of making my dream come true. I will never stop fighting for my father, the Imperium,for Arterious, Remnant,my sons,my family,friends and those I hold dear. This is who I am. Y/n Rose Primarch of the XXI Legion, will give the light of hope to those who need it. As the mighty beast, I will stand tall and valiant as the bulwark against terror. For I shall know no fear."

Intro ends.

In the Silver Bears chapter monastery

Chapter Master Eric is looking at his fellow Great Bears assembled in their important meeting. For this has been the upmost concern. The Vision he had seen had to be something only one way to confirm.

Eric: Brothers I have called upon this meeting to discuss something that may well change our chapters history. From a week ago, I was given a vision one. Within the vision I saw something similar to us. Along with a golden hair female human I  a forest. Though what came next was a chant. For it is in passing that we achieve immortality. Through this, we become a paragon of virtue and glory to rise above all.

The rest of the brothers look at each other wide eye. As one Sam the Chapter master smith who finish the chant.

(A/n: The Silver bears and Salamanders have a strong bond that they allowed. A few of their brothers to got to their home world to learn the art of forging. As well the silver bears help the Salamanders with delivering new weapons and replacement parts. Even improving their swordsmanship for those who wish to master it.)

Sam: Infinite in distance and unbound by death, I release your soul, and by my shoulder, protect thee.

Eric: So it seems that we all have seen the same vision.

The rest nodded and wonder what it could mean until,one rose from his seat. It was the Librarian Kurt who spoke up.

Kurt: Brothers, I may know what this means.

They all were silent as Kurt continue on his explanation.

Kurt: The Vision we all seen has bee no doubt been seen by our successor chapter and all our brothers. As well before arriving here I checked with the psychers  and navigators. They all said the same thing. That the Emperor's light has been restoring and keeping chaos at bay. Making warp travel much more safest in all the ten millennia.

The rest took in the info and agree with the Librarian. Still they continue to let him explain.

Kurt: This is no coincidence that all this happen brothers. They are a sign, that our father has returned.

That made them all silent as hearing that their father has return. Some wonder if it's real. Since his body was transfer here in Arterious after the Horus Heresy. But in their hearts felt hope that they can see their father once again.

Eric: Are you sure that this could be the return of our father?

Kurt: I am sure it is him. Several other Librarians and myslef have sense something in the farthest region of realm in some unknown system. It's not chaos in nature, but it's like our own gifts.

They took in the information and wonder what will be their next course of action. There are those who want to go and find their father.

" We must begin the search for our father."

" Yes,but we can't send the whole chapter into the void. We need to keep a defense in our father's realm. I would rather die than let the Ecclesiarchy or those sisters of battle corrupt it."

" Aye, last time they did, it almost caused a civil war. By the golden throne, good thing the high lords of Terra were on our side."

Eric: Indeed, but we need to plan it out well. Now for this expedition, I will be going along with Sam and kurt along with six companies. We will ready the fleets and gather any other necessities. While the rest will remain here to defend our home. Alert the leader of the Mechanicum. To send additional aid in case we run across a STC.

The whole meeting was done and they all went to prepare for the expedition to find their father. During the whole process one thing has been certain. Their father lives again but is in a mother world. They will find him and maybe repair the Imperium.

In the warp

A deamon was slain as the sound of footsteps were heard. Though stopped for a minute as it felt something familiar a fire the figure lifted its sword.

??: Brother.

He wasn't the only one, as another sense it as it lifted his hammer as his red eyes look up in the stars.

??: Brother you live again. I can recognize that fire anywhere. But how is it possible. Never mind that, this will be a reunion like in the days of old.

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