Chapter 2 The Beginning Part 1

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"Homura look! I'm an official member of Fairy Tail!!!"

As Homura turned around, he saw Lucy smiling at him as she showed him her guild mark on her right hand. Soon Homura smiled as he congratulated her on joining the guild.

"So Homura, how long were you in the guild?"

"Oh no, i'm not a member of the guild. I just work here as Mira's assistant. I need to earn money to feed myself after all. Besides...I wouldn't be of much help as a member."

Lucy was confused by this statement. She thought the boy was a member of the guild this whole time. Not only that, she wondered why the boy was beating himself up so much. Soon Mira walked towards Homura and Lucy with a smile on her face.

"Hey Homura, can you do me a favor and get a cake from the sweets shop in Hargeon? We need to celebrate getting a new member after all."

"O-oh, sure! I'll try my best."

Soon Mira handed a pouch to Homura. It had just enough money to buy a cake from the shop and for two train rides, one on the way to Hargeon and one for the ride back. As Homura ran out of the guild, Reborn followed him. As the two left the guild, Lucy began to talk with Mira.

"Mira, is what he said true?"

"I'm afraid so. Despite how much the Master offers, Homura refuses to be a member of the guild."

"Why would he do that? He seems like a nice fit here."

"I think it's because he has no confidence. That and he feels he can't do much to help the guild since he can't use magic. You noticed that you couldn't sense any magic power from him, right? Homura was born without a single drop of mana. Combine that and his known reputation for being known as Loser or No Good, and you get a ball of insecurity. But still...even if he isn't a member, we all consider him part of the family. I just hope he realizes that."

~With Homura~
As Homura was taking the train to Hargeon, he looked out the window as he was deep in thought. Soon Reborn looked at his student with a smirk on his face.

"Stop worrying so much, No Good Homura. You'll start getting wrinkles at your young age."

"'re right. I might screw up a simple job like this if I think too much."

As Homura tried to laugh it off, Reborn could tell this was forced. Soon Homura looked out the window. As he did, he began to think about his dream. He couldn't remember the details, but one image was stuck in his mind.

Those nine people in his dream

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Those nine people in his dream. He never met them before in his life, yet he felt connected to them. Without noticing, Homura placed his hand on the ring that he always had with him.


~A few minutes later~
"We're here!!! We made it to Hargeon!!!!!"

~A few minutes later~"We're here!!! We made it to Hargeon!!!!!"

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