Chapter 7 Doctor

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"Man, that mission was really difficult. I still can't believe Natsu and the cat only asked me to come because i'm a blonde."

Lucy was seen walking around Magnolia as she was complaining about her latest mission. However, as she was walking, she saw a single man approaching her.

"Hello there, my precious flower. Would it be okay if you and I go on a date?"

 Would it be okay if you and I go on a date?"

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"No thanks, i'm good."

"Please, just one date, young miss."

Soon Lucy began walking faster, only for the man to pick up the pace with his walking. Seeing this, Lucy began running but was surprised to see the man chasing after her.


"At least give me one ki-"

Before the man could finish his sentence, a silver haired boy punched him in the face. As Lucy looked at the boy, he just glared at her.

"This kid is scary."

Soon Lucy left for the guild. As this happened, the boy looked at the man he just punched. When the man got up, he was surprised by who he saw.

"Yo, Hayato. It's been awhile."

"Yo- don't change the subject you pervert."

"Geez. Can you show me some form of respect? I was the one who taught you how to use your dynamite after all. Forget this, i'm gonna go on a date. See ya later. Tell Bianchi to go on a date with me if you see her!!!!"

"Dammit, Shamal!!!"

~At the Sawada Residence~
"Hahahahah!!!! Lambo is here!!!!!"

"Lambo! Don't run around the house. You'll hurt yourself."

The Sawada Residence has gotten a lot more.....lively (annoying). Reborn kept asking if the food was done. Lambo kept running around the house, almost breaking some furniture in the process. Bianchi tried making breakfast, but since he didn't feel like dying, Homura took it upon himself. Reborn, Bianchi, and Lambo were waiting on the food to be finished.

"So he can cook. If so, why did you ask me to teach him Home Ec and such?"

"Because I need you to play that role, Bianchi."

"Oh Reborn! You're too nice."

"He has to build up a resistance to poison somehow."


"Keep talking like that and you don't get seconds."

As Lambo heard this, he turned towards Homura, who was holding several plates. Soon everyone gathered around the table as Homura presented the breakfast for today.

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