Chapter 14 Break In

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"This spot is no good either!"

Homura, Gokudera, Bianchi, and Reborn were looking all around the building to find Mukuro. Since they already explored the lower floor, their next objective were the upper floors. However, as they looked around, they saw the stairs to the upper floors were long destroyed. Seeing this, Homura thought of something and decided to tell Reborn.

"There must be another way to the upper floors. It's easier to defend his base if Mukuro narrows all possible attack routes, but it also narrows down how many escape routes he has."

"I was just thinking the same thing. Homura really is growing at a rapid rate."

While everyone was searching, Gokudera noticed something on the ground. A single armband, yet it looked familiar. Before he could pick it up, he heard Binachi's voice.

"Over here! It's an emergency ladder."

The group went to where Bianchi was located. When they arrived, they saw that what she said was true. An emergency ladder leading to the upper floor was right in front of them.  However before they could get to it, they jumped to the side as they avoided several needles.

"You're here."

As Chikusa stood before them, Gokudera swiftly threw several sticks of dynamite in the air. Just as Chikusa was prepared to put them out, they suddenly started to release smoke. While this happened, Gokudera looked in Homura's direction.

"Boss, you go on ahead. I can take care of it from here."

" know that the last time you were struck with those needles, it was Shamal's Trident Mosquito that saved you. Though it needs time to fully heal you, so you'll experience painful attacks on your body as a side effect. Knowing this, will you still fight?"

"Of course I will, Reborn. Because i'm a member of Vongola! Boss, when this is over, we'll have Futa back with us and make it out alive."

Hearing this, Homura smiled as he went up the emergency latter along with Reborn and Bianchi.  While this happened, Gokudera turned towards his opponent.

"You let them go on without much trouble."

"Those were Mukuro's orders. Plus....since its two against one now, this is easier."

~With Homura~
Homura, Bianchi, and Reborn were now on the third floor of the building. It looked like an abandoned theater. As they went inside, they saw a single person sitting down as if he was waiting for them.

"I'm happy we can meet again."

"It's you!!!!!!"

Reborn and Bianchi looked at Homura confused. The boy briefly explained that as he searched for Futa, he met the boy in front of them during that time. Soon the boy in front of them spoke up.

"Please come forward slowly. I'd like to take some time to get to know you better, Vongola Decimo."

"........I had a hunch. The way you acted in the forest. The eerie aura you gave off. The fact you know of my affiliation confirms it....nice to meet you, Mukuro Rokudo."

"Kufufu. It seems you're sharper than you let on. Though, the fun is only just beginning."

As Mukuro said this, the door behind Homura and his group suddenly closed. While this happened, a single boy was seen in front of the closed door as he looked at the group. Soon Homura's eyes widen when he saw who it was.


~With Gokudera~
"I'm not going down without a fight!!!!"

As Gokudera ran through the halls, Chikusa used his yo-yo's to launch several needles at the boy. While this happened, Gokudera ran around a corner. When he looked ahead he saw a curtain covering what looked to be a staircase. While this happened, he saw a black coat on the floor behind the curtain.

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