Chapter 18 Party and a Grim Surprise

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~2 Days Later~
Homura was soundly sleeping inside of his room. However while this happened, a single figure was seen dashing into his room. Chasing after it was a child wearing a cow-print outfit.

"Die, Reborn!!!!!!!"

As Lambo threw a grenade at Reborn, the tutor landed harshly on Homura's stomach

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As Lambo threw a grenade at Reborn, the tutor landed harshly on Homura's stomach. As the boy was now awake, he felt something land in his hands. When he got a close look, his eyes widened as he realized it was a grenade.


Soon Homura opened the window in his room and threw the grenade out. After a few seconds, the grenade exploded in the air. Meanwhile, Lambo went straight to the kitchen as Reborn stayed behind. While getting dressed for the day, Homura spoke to Reborn.

" are Gokudera, Yamamoto, Hibari, and Ryohei? Bianchi and Futa as well."

"Yamamoto and Gokudera still need time to rest. As for Hibari and Ryohei, they made a full recovery. Futa and Bianchi are well too."

"Thank goodness."

"Go to the guild. Bianchi is here, so she and I can watch over Lambo, I-Pin, and Futa."

Homura was confused by Reborn's offer. To be honest, he felt as if this was a trap of some sorts. Soon his tutor jumped in the air and karate chopped his student on the head.

"Ow!!!! What was that for, Reborn?!?!"

"Don't overthink it. You still need the rest. Plus i'm sure the members of Fairy Tail were worried about you. After all, you haven't showed up in two days the day after you went to face Mukuro. You shouldn't make your other family worry."

As Reborn said this, Homura nods his head. Reborn was right, the guild was probably worried about him. One day he just didn't show up so he could fight someone dangerous and they haven't seen him since. As Homura ran out the door, Reborn picked up a communication lacrima.

"Dino, how are things going?"

"They're going well. Giannini should be finished making the items you requested."

"I see. Thank you."

"What should I say to everyone when I get there? I should probably apologize first."


The boy was lost in thought as he was making his way to Fairy Tail. As this happened, he suddenly heard someone call out to him. As Homura turned towards the direction from where he heard someone calling him, his face slowly turned red.


"I'm glad you're doing okay, Homura!"

"W-what are you doing here?"

"My brother is doing his morning routine, so i'm just going for a walk."

"I see...w-well....i'm heading back to the guild since I missed a few days of work. If you want, I can introduce you to some of my friends."

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