The enemy has fallen

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It was now nearing 3am and we were more than a few beer cans in. Well, at least Naruto was. He was completely hammered and was now leaning his head on my shoulder, dozing off with a full beer in his hand.

I carefully took it and placed it on the table. Sai was also deep in slumber with his head resting on his arm on the dinner table. I carried my baby into my arms. Even though I was disappointed that he wasn't staying over tonight, I had to get him home as he would have wanted that.

He has always placed others' needs in front of him.  He was always so considerate of everyone else but himself. And that's how he always ends up hurt.
That's why it was so easy to take advantage of him. It was so easy to take him for granted.
He was always there for me, no matter how he was feeling.
And yet.. even I took advantage of his kindness.
I took him for granted.
..I hurt him.

It was silly of him to get pissed drunk just because he was afraid of that bitch. I clicked my tongue in annoyance as I remembered that I would see her later. I would have to hold myself back from strangling her in her sleep.

I placed him in my car's backseat and tilted his head onto my shoulder. My chauffeur got into the car and started the engine.
"Sorry to wake you at such a timing." I apologised to my driver, but it was dangerous for me to drive since I had my fair share of drinks.

I had my driver wait for me in the car as I carried him up to his apartment. I already had his keys in my pocket and cracked open the door quietly.
My light footsteps echoed the dark apartment and woke the light sleeper on the couch.

She rubbed her eyes, her blonde hair reflected the light of the hallway's seeping through the door opening. "Who...Oh, it's you Mr Sasuke!" Ino sat up instantly, surprised by me being in Sakura's house at this hour.

Her eyes widen more as she caught sight of Naruto in my arms. "Oh my, is he alright..?" She cleared her throat and used her fingers to comb through her hair, hoping to tidy it.

I ignored her, walking past her and right into Naruto's room. I tucked him into bed and placed a kiss on his forehead.
He tugged on my sleeve lightly right as I was about to leave his side.
"I..Is... the enemy gone..?" He mumbled, with his eyes partly open. His voice was soft and jittery.

I gave him a reassuring smile.
"Don't worry, leave it to me." I patted his head gently before giving him a final kiss on his head.

I closed the door quietly and walked towards the freeloader who was now sat up on the couch.
"That was Sakura's friend right..? What was his name again.." She bit her lip anxiously trying to remember.
"Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki." I stated to her nonchalantly, tucking my hands into my pocket.
"That's right.." She timidly stood up to lean in closer to me. Her perfume was overwhelming me as she continued speaking. "Actually.. I heard about what happened today."

Her manicured fingernails ran across my chest delicately, as if doodling on me. "I want to say thank you for standing up for me. Recently I've been absolutely terrified of my ex. He has been stalking me and even got extremely violent with me. I'm so scared of him, president Uchiha!"

She hugged me, trembling in my arms. As she started to sob, I smirked and replied to her. "There, there. You don't have anything to be afraid of."
Don't act like you're the prey when you're the predator. I'm not a fool, I won't buy your act.

I'm not like Sai.

I grabbed her shoulders fiercely and got her to look at me in the eyes.
"Why don't you stay at my house tonight?" I grinned viciously as my plan was falling into place. From the second I heard Ino was at Naruto's apartment, I knew what I had to do.

I had to drag Naruto out of this shit relationship's problem. He was only burdening himself with it, and neither of them deserved his help or sympathy.

"Really?! T-Thank you, president Uchiha!" She beamed up after hearing my offer. I held the front door open, gesturing her to go first.
She skipped out of the apartment, unknown to her what was coming.

The chauffeur was confused when he caught sight of another person entering the car with me. After all, I wasn't the type to get flings and hook ups.

Ino continued to try to talk to me in the car and selling me her pity stories. I only nodded in acknowledgement every once in a while but she seemed completely unaware of my disinterest.
We finally reached home after what felt like an eternity of suffering in hell.

I unlocked the door and held it open for her again, leading her right into my trap.
"Thank you again, Mr Uchiha."

"My pleasure.." I walked her into the dining room and as if blessed by God, Sai had actually woken up after being knocked out on the dining table.
Their eyes met in horror.
"What the fuck are you doing here..?" He dropped the empty cans in his hands as he was in the middle of cleaning up.

I folded my arms, and leaned against my counter.
"Doesn't feel good when I interfere with what's yours, huh?"

I arched my brows and rolled my eyes over to Ino who was still frozen in shock.
"N-no.. Why are you here?"

My plan was successful, it was now time to go to bed. I couldn't care less what was the outcome of these two.
Even better if they both end up dead in the morning.
I proceeded to my room, but as I walked past him, I stopped for a brief moment. I patted his shoulder hard and warned him.
"So, sort your shit up and leave what's mine out of it."

He was still unable to move from what he was seeing. He couldn't believe his eyes.

I walked up to my room and slammed shut the door. Locking it behind me, so they wouldn't be able to disturb my slumber.

"You cold blooded whore! I've been desperately looking for you! Return me my money and the keys to my house!" I heard Sai's yelling before I calmly put on my earphones and smiling to myself in contentment.

Now it was just time for a good rest. I thought to myself as I planned tomorrow's schedule while closing my eyes.
I'll wake up early to buy breakfast and hangover cure for Naruto.
I can't wait to go over to him.
I can't wait to see him.
I can't wait to tell him.

This was too easy.
Even if karma wasn't getting them, I would.
I would do anything I can to protect Naruto now.

Because he used to protect me even when I failed to love him well.

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