Chapter 34 The Gap

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As Homura was in his normal Dying Will Mode, he quickly threw a punch at Squalo. Seeing this, the man caught Homura's right fist with ease. When he saw the Dying Will Flame on Homura's head and his X-Gloves, Squalo smiled.

"The emblem on these gloves, that Dying Will Flame.......yep, you're the kid i've been hearing about lately."


Homura jabs Squalo in the stomach with his knee, forcing the man to let go of his right hand. Soon the boy lunged toward Squallo as he clenched his fists. Just as Homura threw his fist at Squalo, the man caught his punch with ease and slams him to the ground. Afterwards, he threw Homura at a wall. While this happened, Reborn looked at his student.

"This is his current limit. The Dying Will Pills are being restocked, so if he wants to enter Hyper Dying Will Mode, he'll need to use the bullet. But given the recoil the bullet will have on him afterwards, since he's still recovering, it'll do more harm than good. Not to mention........."

"Voi!!!! Are you really suppose to be the candidate to be Vongola Decimo?! You're far too weak!!!!"

"I'm not done ye-"

Just as Homura lunged towards Squalo, the man slammed his fist onto the boy's head and then kneed him in his gut. As Squalo walked forward, he soon points his blade at Homura, who's Dying Will Flame went out as he lost consciousness.

"This is just pathetic. You may as well just abandon the mafia world. Your so weak its a miracle you didn't die before now. Have a fun trip in the afterli-"

"What do you think you're doing to my son, you piece of shit?"

Just as Squalo heard this voice, he quickly jumped backwards as a wall of flames was now between Homura and himself. As he looked forward, he couldn't believe what who he saw in front of him.

"The King of Destruction....Hibachi Shinmon!!"

"I'm only allowing you three seconds to run. Use it wisely, boy."

The intense heat from his flames, the overwhelming presence he exuded

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The intense heat from his flames, the overwhelming presence he exuded. Squalo could tell right away that fighting this man would result in his own death. However, a smirk appeared on Squalo's face as he turned away from Hibachi and the group.

"Fine then, Hibachi Shinmon. However, i'm taking these along the road!!!!!"

Just as Squalo ran off, Hibachi and Basil saw what was in Squalo's possession. The box containing the rings. As Basil had a look of regret on his face for letting the rings getting taken, Hibachi had a calm expression as he picked up Homura. Just as he was planning to walk off, Hibachi looked at Reborn.

"I didn't think we'd meet so soon, Hibachi."

"......thanks for looking after the brat. Knowing him, he'll freak out the moment he wakes up. Let's take him somewhere safe so I can explain."

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