Chapter 1 - Abused Baby

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In the far corner of my room also known as the basement, is the sound of dripping from the leak in the pipes. It happens every time it rains or snows. It's so cold down here, and the winter months are approaching.

I think it's November because in the small window in the top corner of the room I can see that the leaves have fallen off the trees. Leaving the trees bare and dead looking. I only have my
old blanket that has holes in it to keep me warm. It's not very effective.

This basement is the only place I have ever known. I have my own corner. This is where I sleep and try to keep warm. In the left corner is a book shelf with old books in them. There is at least two-hundred books lining the shelves. Those books are my only entertainment. I've read each one a gazzilion times. My favourite is Charlottes Web. It doesn't fail to make me cry everytime. If it weren't for the books in that shelf I wouldn't be able to read. I've never been to school, or the park. I know pretty much nothing about the outside world unless its mentioned in the books I've read. I've never even socialized with another person. I am not allowed to talk, even to my parents. They will beat me if I do.

It's my fault I get beat. I am bad. I broke their rules or made them angry. I deserve it. Just like last night. I was sleeping when they came down to beat me. I guess they didn't like me sleeping.

Last nights beating wasn't the worst beating but it still took a toll on me because of all my previous beatings that haven't properly healed yet. Even though it wasn't the worst, I still can't move from last night's torture. My muscles and bones hurt. I have new bruises on top of old ones. I am pretty much black and blue. My ribs ache and so does my head.

I can't tell if my head hurts from the huge blow I got to my temple or the blood I'm loosing. I couldn't tell anymore. But I knew that something was off.

I am hungry, cold, and tired, but I can't sleep because of the pain in my body, the fear that my parents will catch me sleeping, the freezing cold, and the lack of food in my stomach. But this is how it's always been. I would like to say that I am used to it but that's a lie, it never gets easier. The pain and aches will never fully fade because only more pain and aches gets dumped on to me.

Eventually I do however fall asleep letting the darkness take over.


I wake up not much later from a nightmare. But this time when I wake up it's different. I don't hear them upstairs. It's deathly silent. Normally, I can hear them laughing, the TV playing, or them screaming at eachother. They had loud uneven footsteps. But I heard none of the above.

My headache has gotten worse since my nap and so have all my injuries. The bruises hurt so bad it brings tears to my eyes. The headache I have is making me feel dizzy and lightheaded.

As I'm checking my injuries over I hear loud bangs coming from upstairs and multiple voices. None that sound like my parents. There are multiple different footsteps. Maybe five or six? I cant tell I'm too busy freaking out.

I've never heard other people up there. Well besides their friends but they don't sound like that. These people are quiet but not quiet enough where I cant hear them walking around. What if they hurt me or kill me? They might be doing me a favour but I would really like to read Charlottes Web again. At least one last time.

The basement door gets thrown open. Two pairs of footsteps make it down the creaky wooden staircase. The steps get closer to where I am sitting. One of the people flash a light at me. 

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