Part II - Chapter 11

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The table is extremely tense. We've got Warren glaring at James and James glaring right back at him. Daisy is sitting to my left and it just so happens to be that Xander, Roman, and Noah sit across from us, and they are also glaring holes into my head.

Dante and Kai are visibly stressed because of the tension in the room and Lara has been giving Henry googlie eyes all day.

Overall everyone is on edge and no one is speaking.

A soft and cute sneeze comes directly beside me breaking the unbearable silence. All of her brothers and Dante's eyes soften at her sneeze. My eyes meet with hers and she looks embarrassed. Her cheeks tinted a rosy red colour. The red compliments her eyes...

"Sorry." She mumbles. I grab her tiny hand in mine and just hold it under the table. Another quiet and dreadful few minutes pass by before I decide that I can't stand the silence anymore.

"Today is a new day, with fresh minds. Forget everything that happened yesterday. That way we can focus on today," I start to say while sipping my coffee. I steal a piece of Daisy's donut, shoving it into my mouth. She gives me a 'what the fuck?' type of look but I pretend like I didn't see it. "We made a lot of progress yesterday and now that Daisy is sitting with us maybe she can give different information."

"Are you serious Matty?" She hisses looking around at all the intimidating people.

"You got this Daise." I whisper back. She nods her head and looks towards everyone.

"What do you want to know?" She asks confidently.

That's my girl.

"Do you know anything about the locations of the island?" Warren questions her.

"I don't know the exact geography but I did pay attention yes." She answers. Where was she yesterday when I was being literally attacked for these answers?!

"I can get a map of the Philippines and surrounding areas sent over, maybe seeing it on a map will help." Dante tells her while tapping away at his phone probably ordering someone to get the map.

"Daisy do you know who he was targeting next?" Lara asks her nicely with a small sincere smile.

What the fuck! I got yelled at by her yesterday. If only I got Daisy's charm. I roll my eyes seeing Lara's smile. I get kicked under the table and I look up and see Malakai giving me a small glare.

"Uh no, he only told us who we were supposed to kill right before we left."

"Oh okay hun." Lia says sweetly to her.

"I literally told both of you that last night why the fuck would you ask again?" I angrily question the two women. The same two women who were the reason everyone was stressed out yesterday night.

I feel a smack to my head which was delivered by Malakai. I roll my eyes at him and stay silent through the rest of the questions directed towards Daisy.

I stare at the side of her face shamelessly taking the time to memorize all of her features as she speaks. She is absolutely gorgeous. Perfect eyes, perfect nose, perfect cheeks, perfect smile, perfect everything. Not one thing about this girl is not perfect.

I feel another kick under the table but this time it was from infront of me. Looking up I see Roman and Xander glaring at me.

Roman was the person who kicked me under the table. He mouths to me what I understand as the words 'off limits' but because I pretend to be shit at lip reading I make it look like I am confused.

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