Chapter 7 - Shopping

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It has been two days since the whole mall incident. My brothers are make me feel more comfortable everyday. It's been almost 5 days since I've come here and I already feel so loved.

James and I both wake up at the same time so he comes into my room every morning. He wakes me up and then we both go to the kitchen. He makes coffee for himself and a tea for me.

I like lemon tea the best.

When Henry gets up I then help him make breakfast for everyone. Noah has taken up teaching me how to do art. I am actually very good at it according to him. He taught be how to hold a pencil and how to sketch. We started off with drawing objects in-front of us and he's taught me the tips and tricks of shading and highlighting.

Roman and I watch movies and tv after he gets home from whatever he does. He says he needs to catch me up on all the shows and movies I missed out on. We watched the hunger games just the other day. We binged all four movies.

I haven't seen Xander since the day he yelled at me. I don't know where he is but I feel like I need to talk to him. I'm just worried that he will yell at me again. He stays in his room all day and doesn't come down for any meals. I'm really worried for him. James says that he does eat dinner but he eats it in his room.

It makes me feel like he's avoiding me.

So here I am making everyone breakfast with Henry. We are making my favourite food ever, waffles. Roman is on his what I know now as a phone. James is doing work on his laptop. And Noah is sketching some tattoo for one of his clients. But it doesn't feel right without Xander. He is part of the family too. He should be down here with us, even if he doesn't like me.

Once the waffles are ready I take two. Everyone looks at me weird because normally I don't even finish one. "I am bringing one to Xander" I explain to them.

"Are you sure what if he yells at you again?" Noah gives me a worried look. Noah hasn't been Xander's biggest fan the past few days. He's made it known too.

"I'll be okay." I take the two waffles and syrup, bringing it upstairs to Xander's room.

Standing in front of the door I feel slightly anxious. But he needs to make up with the others. I don't care if he hates me, well I do but if he does, the least he could do is make up with the others.

I knock on his door three times. He doesn't answer. I knock again. This time he opens the door. He looks a mess. His eyes are bloodshot and his face is puffy from crying. I look at him sadly. I don't like seeing people sad.

"I haven't seen you since the first day and I-I am worried about you." I mumble to him and give him a big smile.

What shocked me was that he smiled too. Well kind of, his mouth quirked up into a small smile.

"I brought us breakfast."

"Thank you, come in." He invited me in. His voice is filled with happiness? Gratitude? I am not sure but it's way different than the last time he spoke to me.

I walk in balancing our breakfast in my hands making it over to his bed. Taking a look around I see that his room matches his personality dark, black, and gray. Buts it feels very homey with white accents hear and there.

"On my second day here Henry made me waffles. I didn't know what they were before but now they are my favourite." I ramble a bit not appreciating the silence much. He smiles happily as he eats his waffle. "I brought syrup I didn't know what you would like I hope it's okay."

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