Part II - Chapter 22

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After the boys and Dante all gave us the talk about staying safe and them tracking us or what not we left. Matteo is driving us to the mysterious place.

My stomach bubbles in excitement and anticipation. All my doubts and worries I had were long gone the second Matteo came up to me pulling me in to his arms. He whispered that I looked beautiful and then again I got those butterflies.

I can't keep the smile off my face at the thought of him thinking I'm beautiful. It makes me feel beautiful.

We drive in a comfortable silence. This is my first time out of the house since we have moved to Italy. I take in everything, the people, the streets, the landscapes, everything is so beautiful. I look ahead and see a big glistening body of water.

No way.

I look over at Matteo with my mouth wide open. He's smirking almost as if he knows my next question."Yes Daisy, I am taking you to the beach."

"Oh my god!" I cheer excitedly. I told him just the other day that I wanted to go to a beach. When he parks next to the buildings I unbuckle and lean over the console to give his cheek a kiss.

He blushes and kisses my cheek back. He hops out of the car and I open my door to get out and as I am stepping out Matteo comes up to me. "No." He mumbles pushing me back into the car. He closes the door and then reopens it. He reaches his hand to me and he pulls me out of the car. "Princesses like you should never open your own door."

I blush like a crazy person at his comment. "Quite the gentleman." I joke. He looks down at me with a smirk.

"Only for you." He winks before pulling my hand walking over to the boardwalk. "We are getting lunch first." He tells me. I absentmindedly nod at him. I am too amazed looking around.

I can hear the waves all the way over here. There are birds flying around and the sand looks so golden parts of it shine.

The people on the boardwalk all look absolutely stunning. I dig for these kinds of things. Two years ago I would be panicking being around all these people but now all I want to do is meet and talk to everyone.

I can feel eyes on me and when I look up I see Matteo staring at me with a look I can't decipher. "The sand is sparkly." I point out. He chuckles and wraps his arms around my waist.

I think if I was alone I would be a nervous wreck. However, being with Matteo I feel safe and at ease. We walk down the boardwalk and my eyes wander to the shops. There are soap, jewelry, beach, clothing, and even pet shops lining the area.

"Don't worry darling, we will go to all the shops." I smile up at him but then frown. I don't have any money. "What's with the frown?" He asks me worried.

"I don't have money." Matteo chuckles at my concern before pulling out his wallet from his pocket.

"My treat." I am about to protest but he puts his finger on my lip shushing me.

I am then dragged into the restaurant, the bell dings and we are greeted by a young woman who has the nicest smile ever. "Tavolo per due?" She asks me. I get a little nervous. However Matty is my hero and speaks up.

"Yes." She leads us to the table that faces a massive window that looks out at the beach. She hands us two menus before leaving.

I look over the menu at all the food. My eyes wide at all the options. "I've never been to a restaurant." I tell him. He looks up from his menu.

"I can do the talking." He assures me. I sigh in relief and thank him. Just then another waiter comes up to us. He smiles and asks us for our drinks. Matty orders two iced teas before winking at me. "What are you getting Daisy?"

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