Newt Imagine-part 1

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(Your POV)
Where am I? Well, I'm definitely in a metal box that's moving upwards at a very fast pace. It shakes and rumbles, and the metal screeches against the stone walls which sound like a cat scratching it's nails against a chalkboard. I try to sit up but my hair is tangled up in the metal. I untangle it and crouch in the corner, waiting for the worst to happen.
I suddenly see an eerie red glow from above the box. I guess it's just a light. The red glow from it gives me the creeps as it gets brighter and brighter by the second. I suddenly remember that I don't remember anything! That's it. I start to freak out. I'm stuck in a metal box, which is pacing at a fast pace upwards, and I don't remember a damn thing about anything before I found myself in this box. Suddenly, the red glow illuminates the whole box as it finally come to a stop, giving away an unbearable screech. Seconds later, what seem to be like doors open up in front of me and I see a bunch of teenage boys staring down at me like I'm an alien from Mars.
"It's...a girl!" I hear a boy say, in a really cute British accent.
"Way to go at stating the obvious" I say. I climb out and start searching the group for girls, but there aren't any.
"Where are the girls?" I ask.
"There are no shuck girls, brainiac!" Says this dude with eyebrows that look like bird's wings. I start turning around in a circle to get a better view of where I am, and then I see an opening. I walk towards it, when the same guy with the funky eyebrows blocks my way and starts shouting at my face about how I can't go in there.
" Well what's out there? Can you at least tell me that?" I say.
The boy with the cute British accent comes and tells me it's the maze.
"A maze? I have a hard time believing that. I have to see it for myself."
"No! The bloody doors about to close and plus no ones aloud in the maze, except the runners." Says the dude in the accent. Then I suddenly see a bunch of other teenage guys running out of that opening with little sacs attached to them, as they head to a little shack in the woods. I turn around, wanting to ask more questions when I hear a loud rumble, and I see the walls moving!

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