Part 2

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(Your POV)
The walls are moving. How?! How can walls move? First I was stuck in a metal box that teleports me into a maze, then I get stuck with a large groups of teenage boys but no girls, and now I see stone walls moving. I just stand there, with my mouth hanging open like an idiot. The guy with the accent steps in front of me, places his hand under my chin and pushes my mouth close.
"Here, let me take you to your hammock so you can rest for the night." He says. I follow him to my hammock and I sit down on it, and he sits next to me.
"I'm Newt. Do you remember your name?" He says.
"My memory was kind wiped when I came up in that damn box so I'm pretty sure I don't remember my name!" I respond sarcastically. Newt just smiles and runs his fingers through his hair.
"What is this place anyway? Who the hell put us here?" I ask.
"You'll get all your answers on your tour tomorrow. Just get some sleep, you look pretty tired." Newt gently tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear and he gets up to go to his hammock. I just lay down, staring at the stars, and eventually my eyes get heavy and I fall asleep.
I wake up to see a guy with dark hair wake me up.
"Hey, I'm Thomas. Newt sent me here to wake you up so you can get ready for your tour." I just stare at him, really pissed off that he woke me up. Man, I actually had a really nice and peaceful sleep. I stand up, stretch and wait for Newt to come. In the meantime, I try to fix up my hair.
Newt comes a few minutes later and motions me to follow him.
"This place is called the glade. Everyone here are gladers, and we look out for eachother. Beyond those walls is the maze. No one goes out there, except for the runners."
"Yeah, every morning when those bloody walls open, they try to find a way out of the maze. Today is their day off, so I guess you can meet them after the tour." Newt shows me around, introduces me to the keepers and we settle in for breakfast at the homestead.
"So the tour is done. How was it?" Newt asks me.
"It was fine. But I still don't remember my name or anything." I say.
"It's ok, you'll remember your name soon but you won't get your memories back. Same with all of us." An Asian kid and Thomas sit opposite us and Thomas gives me a warm smile. The Asian kid just stares at me, his mouth open.
"What the shuck is a girl doing here? Is she the greenie everyone's talking about?" He asks.
"Whoa Minho calm down. Yes, it's a girl. Maybe more girls are gonna start coming up in the bloody box after this one." Newt says.
"What's the greenie's name?" Minho asks.
"She still doesn't remember." Says Thomas. We eat in silence until Newt says that he's gonna show me the jobs around the glade. I follow him, and surprisingly, he takes my hand and we walk together, out of the homestead.
"The first job I'm gonna show you is the Slicers." He says. He looks at me and gives me a warm smile, and leads me to a wooden shack.

Newt ImagineWhere stories live. Discover now