Part 3

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(Your POV)
I couldn't do it. Being a slicer was beyond horrific. All that blood and the poor animals! I just run out of that wooden shack, and sat by a tree and let the tears come rolling down my cheeks. I've always had such an affection for animals, I remember. Being a slicer was definitely not my thing.
I hear footsteps, and the crunching sound of leaves, and I look up to see Newt heading my way. I suddenly feel embarrassed and wipe away the tears stains from my cheeks.
"Hey, it's ok love." Did he just call me love?!
"Well at least we know for sure you won't be a bloody slicer!" He lets out a cute chuckle and sits down next to me, fiddling around with loose strands of fabric from his shirt.
"I'm sorry I broke down like that. I just had a memory come back, and it's about how much I've always loved animals. I couldn't handle seeing them being slice in half." I let out a little sob and I feel my eyes swell with tears.
"Hey, don't cry. It's ok. We've had a few gladers also break down after seeing what a slicer does. It's ok." Meet puts his arm around me and I feel warmth spread throughout my body. I let myself calm down, and we just sit there, for a couple of minutes, with his arm around me and my head leaning against his shoulder.
"I don't think I'll ever be able to sleep without having nightmares about what I just saw." I say.
"If you want I can hang around with you in your hammock until you sleep, then I can go to mine." Newt suggests. I like the idea of his strong arms around my shoulders, and it makes me feel safer. I guess I'm better off having dreams about him than about slicing animals, even though I just met him a day ago.
"Okay." I say. I smile, blushing like an idiot, hoping he doesn't notice. I love how kind Newt is, how he seems so welcoming to everyone, including me. All the other gladers just stare at me like a hawk, probably because I'm the only girl they've ever seen in probably a few years. Newt is different. He has such a cute accent as well, and he cares so much about everyone he almost forgets to worry about himself.
"Y/N." I say suddenly. That's my name! "Hey, Newt! I remember my name! It's Y/N!" I crane my neck back, to see Newt's eyes stare back at me with a surprised look in them.
"Y/N. What a pretty name." He says. He smiles at me, and I can't help but give him a goofy grin myself. Then he leans in and plants a small kiss on my forehead, and then I blush uncontrollably.
"Shall we go to your hammock? It's getting quite dark." Newt says in his cute British accent.
"Why not?" I reply. We stand up, and with his arm still around my shoulder, we head towards my hammock as the sun sets, displaying a beautiful splash of colour in the sky.

Newt ImagineWhere stories live. Discover now