Part 5

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(Newt's POV)
I wake with a start. I check my watch and it's 1:00. The stars are still out, and they shine vividly, forming beautiful constellations. All of a sudden they remind me of Y/N, and I get the sudden urge to spend time with her. I know I shouldn't wake her up, that's rude! But my heart aches for her. Bloody hell, I've spent only one night with her and suddenly I'm head over heels. I can't stop thinking about her. Her beautiful hair, the way her eyes shine when she talks about things she loves, and her adorable giggle. Her smile is the most beautiful smile I've ever seen, and it makes my heart jump out of my chest. She's the most beautiful creature God has ever made.
I can't help it. I get out of my hammock and head to hers. I try my best not to crunch the leaves too loudly under my feet, in fear of waking any other gladers up.
I get to her hammock and see her sleeping so peacefully, her eyelashes fluttering every now and then. She looks so bloody peaceful, I can't just wake her up and disturb her peaceful sleep. I twirl her hair in my fingers, so smooth and shiny. I'm praying that she'll wake up without me having to wake her up myself. Without thinking, I reach out, and softly shake her shoulders.

Sorry this is short :( but please feel free to request any imagines or fanfics that you would like to read. I really need some ideas and please give me feedback on my work ;)

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