Chapter 4

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 "Wow, I'm impressed. The room is clean."

Our heads all instantly snapped toward the direction of the voice and saw the man standing by the entrance to the kitchen with two other men flanking him. Both of the men beside the one in the middle held large guns in their hands and Matteo's plan to just attack the one guy seemed to have been non-existent regardless of if we all had been aboard or not.

The man turned to his friends with a smile on his face. "See I told you this group was going to cooperate."

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. What did he mean by 'this group'?

The man then held out his hands towards the two other men. "Pay up."

The long blond haired man who had brown eyes and some facial hair, let out a small groan and reached in his pocket and handed the man five dollars. The man then turned to his other darker haired friend and gestured to hand over the money. The dark haired friend rolled his eyes and reluctantly handed over five dollars. The man looked overjoyed as he put away the ten dollars into the pocket of his jeans, and turned to face us again.

"I want to make sure you all know, once again, that if you do anything bad you will be seriously injured or even killed depending on how serious of an issue you'd cause me." The man looked down at each and everyone of us, sending a chill to run down my spine. "Okay, so to start off you guys can call me Ace." He then gestured to his blond haired friend, "This is Austin," then his dark haired friend, "and this is Marcus."

The man was about to continue on with whatever they were going to get us to do when he got interrupted by a brave teen.

"I don't give two fucks on what to call you or who you are. Let us go."

My head snapped to the left so fast that I swear I could have gotten whiplash. The brown haired boy that had helped Matteo looked at Ace with boiling rage plastered to his features. The boy seemed to almost shake with the anger that coursed through him, his whole body contorting.

"Just let us go you fuckin' bastards."

I looked at Ace and chewed on the inside of my cheek in worry for the boy. A small part of me cursed him out for being so stupid, but I still didn't want him to get hurt, and by the look that flashed across Ace's face, the boy was definitely doomed.

Ace's face completely changed. His light eyes seemed to harden into a darker blue and his teeth were bared as they ground themselves together.

Marcus took an angry step forward, but Ace quickly shot his hand out to stop him. "This one's mine." Ace walked forward, the teens quickly dispersing and getting out of his way, making a path that led right up to the brown haired boy.

I watched, terrified, as Ace walked sloth-like toward him. Once Ace had finally made it in front of him, the boy looked up, lifting his chin high, and locking his eyes onto Ace's crazy ones. I could tell the boy was still angry and most importantly trying to be brave, but his eyes were the ones to betray him. He looked terrified and anyone with eyes could tell that he was about to break and make a run for it.

Ace could probably tell as well for he reached out with one of his hands, like a snake lashing out to take a bite, and clamped it around the boy's neck just before he could attempt to escape.

The boy's eyes immediately widened and his hands went straight up to Ace's to attempt to pry his hand off of his windpipe, but Ace had more strength over him.

I didn't know how long this was going to go on for... how long a human could go on without much oxygen. Each second that ticked by seemed to drag on for an eternity.

The boy soon started twitching underneath Ace's hold and his lips were slowly turning blue from the lack of air that was needed to keep him alive.

I wanted to do something, but once again, I was frozen, unable to do anything but watch the boy slowly suffocate.

A few moments later, the boy slowly dropped his hands and I could see his eyes drooping closed. Although just before I thought he had died, Ace let go and we all watched as the boy fell to the ground, coughing and letting in loud gasps for air.

I let out a quiet breath of relief and looked at Willow and the wideness of her own eyes as she remained entranced at the boy and Ace. My eyes then landed on Matteo and his clenched jaw. I followed his gaze to see that he was staring intently on Marcus and Austin's gun's.

A part of me knew what he was thinking, and I didn't like it.

"Get back up."

I looked at Ace, his voice bringing me back to him, the relief that I felt slowly trickling away.

Ace looked down at the boy still with the same hate in his light eyes. "I said get up. Don't make me repeat myself."

After a few more gasps, the boy reluctantly stood back up with his hand resting over the red part of his neck where bruises were going to start flourishing across his pale skin. My heart ached for the boy as I watched a few tears fall from his eyes. He no longer tried hiding the fear on his face.

"I have something else for you," Ace said to the boy before turning to the rest of us. "Everyone stand up and come with us. If you don't do as I say, I'll get Austin and Marcus to shoot you."

I looked at Matteo and Willow before slowly getting to my feet. Everyone around me did the same, the sound of their feet shuffling loud in my ears. I then turned and faced Ace again.

The smile returned to his face as he took the boy by the top of his arm and started dragging him towards the hallway. The twisted feeling of guilt and sadness stabbed at my gut as I caught the slight flinch from the boy, but it soon went away as I felt a hand lightly touch my bare arm.

"Where do you think he's taking us?" Willow whispered from right next to me.

"I don't know," I mumbled back honestly. "But I'm pretty sure we're about to find out."

Willow dropped her hand and we all walked forward in a big clump. Ace and the boy leading, and Marcus and Austin behind us. Willow, Matteo and I were near the front and could see Ace dragging the terrified boy by his arm.

The hallway was large, as was the kitchen, and it seemed to go on forever. The walls were a pale beige that quickly morphed into a light grey as we then finally came to an even bigger part of the hallway.

An awful smell came from this part that made my nose crinkle and my stomach to turn uneasily. It smelt as though someone even tried to hide the awful stench with some Febreeze or something.

We came to a halt in the hallway, stopping just behind Ace and the boy, and I quickly looked around, my eyes landing on the two elevators to our right which would have been very hard to miss against the grey of the walls.

They were the old fashioned ones with the accordion closing doors. The one to the right seemed quite normal, but the one to the left was different. The one to the left gave off a cold temperature that I could feel even from where I stood in the middle of the pack, and I could see that the inside of it was covered in a thick frost.

I looked between the two elevators and Ace and then back at the elevators again.

What was he going to do?

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