Chapter 5

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"Get inside." Ace ordered from where he stood closer to the elevator on the right.

The boy looked at him, his eyes wide. "What?"

"I said, 'get inside,'" Ace repeated while shoving the boy towards the normal looking elevator.

The boy looked at all of us, dragging the moment out as long as he could before taking a deep breath and walking slowly towards the elevator that Ace had indicated he enter. Right when the boy had stepped through, Ace closed the accordion door shut. Through the gaps of the door I saw the boy spin around at lightning speed and run, slamming himself against the metal. He shook the door in an attempt to open it, but Ace had already locked it into place.

"Let me out!" Tears streamed down the boy's face as he rattled the door some more. "Let me out! Please!"

A wicked smile replaced Ace's regular grin as he walked over to the lever on the side of the elevator. All of us teens stood frozen in fear and watched Ace pull the lever down.

My breathing and heart rate picked up, waiting for something to happen. What was going to happen? Was I just getting so terrified for no reason? Was Ace just going to send him down overnight? Get him to think about his actions and we'll come get the boy in the morning?

From what I've seen of Ace, I didn't bother trying to get my hopes up too much. I didn't completely know him, but what I do know is that he is perfectly fine with killing children.

A couple seconds after the lever went down, the sound of metal turning muffled the boy's shouts for help. The elevator seemed to rumble slightly and then started to descend down into the unknown area that made my head spin with worry, yet I was still so confused on what was about to happen.

I looked towards Willow with my eyebrows tugging together. She looked back at me with the same confused expression. Then something changed.

The sound of the metal creaking continued, but there was also another noise. One that sounded like multiple blades spinning at high speeds.

My eyes immediately went back to the elevator and watched in horror as I saw the elevator get close to being out of sight. The only thing I could see of the boy were his hands and fingers hanging onto the door.

Screams could now be heard, and not the ones that the boy had done before, but ones that were full of pain and misery. The kind of ear piercing screams that you hear in horror films when someone is getting teared, and shredded to millions of pieces. The only difference was that those were actors, actors that just pretended to be in that type of situation, while this was really happening. We were actually witnessing someone being sliced apart.

I felt Willow's hand clamp onto my arm as we stared at the elevator and the way the boy had disappeared down. I couldn't believe this was really happening. I didn't want to believe it.

The groan of the metal continued to echo up from the elevator's shaft, but it was still nothing compared to the cutting and ripping sounds, and the screams of pain. Then it cut off. The screams were no more. All that was left were the spinning blades.

My eyes trained back onto Ace as he pushed the lever back up. The sound of the metal groaning started up again, and a moment later we could see the elevator start to come up. Cries immediately broke out around the room at the sight of the inside of the elevator.

I don't know how it happened and how they created the contraption, but I hope I will never have to personally know how it works.

A huge chunk of meat lay on the ground, which I know must have been the boy. The boy was now so distorted that it took me a moment to realize his head was the closest to us. The top of it had been completely sliced off, so we could all now see the inside of his skull and his brain which lay in chunks all across the floor. Blood and flesh coated the elevator and dripped down from the ceiling and fell into the thin puddle of blood on the ground.

Ace let out a loud laugh and walked towards the front of us, and in the process, blocking us from the horrendous view.

"I don't need all of you to clean this mess up, so I'll just get a few of you." Ace walked forward and into the mass of teens. He then pointed at a few of the boy's in the room. "You guys go with Austin and go get the cleaning supplies," he gestured to the elevator, "and clean this all up."

I looked towards the four boy's Ace pointed at. They all looked at each other unsure of what to do and still in the scared trance. Two of them stood slightly shaking with tears in their eyes.

"C'mon! Chop chop. I don't have all day." Ace grabbed onto the shirts of the two closest boy's and picked them up and shoved them in the direction of the kitchen. "Go!" He then turned to Austin. "If they misbehave, shoot them."

I watched the five of them walk down the hallway until they were out of sight.

Ace then turned to us. "Follow me."

Without looking at the bloody mess in the elevator, we followed Ace further down the dark hallway. The image of the view of the elevator was at the forefront of my mind no matter how much I pushed it away, and I could tell everyone else had the same problem as well as we walked in silence behind Ace.

We then came to a door, Ace stopping and looking at us, doing a mental counting to make sure we were all there before turning back to it. Ace then opened the door and gestured with his hand for us to go inside ahead of him. After a few seconds of reluctance, we all walked slowly by him and into the darkness within.

I kept my eyes averted from his own as I passed him and walked through the doorway. The room was so dark, no windows or anything. I then took another step and walked into the back of a person. That person ended up being Matteo. He let out a quiet "hey!" as I brought my hand up to rub my now sore nose and mumbled an apology.

Ace suddenly turned on the light from where he was by the door. "I'll let you guys rest tonight, so we can have some fun tomorrow." He smiled widely and stepped out. The door closed almost right after and locked into place with a click that made me jump.

Once my eyes adjusted to the light, I finally looked around the room.

Twenty dirty white cots lined two of the walls, and to our right was a door which I suspected was the bathroom. Large windows were on the other side, but had been completely boarded up with thick wood planks just as had the kitchen.

I looked over at Willow and then at her hand that was still in a tight grip over my arm. She looked up at me almost apologetic as she dropped her hand. She then stared at Matteo who looked to be going in the direction of the bathroom.

"Where are you going?"

Matteo let out a loud breath as he turned around to look at Willow. "Where does it look like I'm going?" He jerked his thumb in the direction of the bathroom. "I'm gonna go take a piss." 

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