Chapter 27

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I had completely forgotten about Mia. How could I forget?

We walked in silence, following closely behind Ace, getting closer and closer to the elevators. The only sounds that could be heard were our harsh breaths and our feet against the floor of the hallway as we made a turn to the right and then one to the left. The silence only added onto my worry for the girl. Had she given up? Had she surrendered to death?

We then came to the part in the hallway where the elevators were located. It seemed extra chilly here compared to the last time. It was like they had dropped the temperature a dozen degrees just because of Mia who was still trapped down there. A shiver ran up my spine as we all came to a halt and watched Ace walk over to the lever on the wall next to the elevator.

He stared at all of our faces before smiling a wide grin and pushing the lever up. The whirring sound started up again and soon after the elevator started to slowly come up.

I don't know what I had expected to see when it came back up. Maybe a perfectly fine Mia on the other side, with just a few tears down her cheeks. But no.

Inside, near the corner, sat a curled up Mia. Her whole body was hunched into itself, and her bluish-black fingered hands were near her face, shaking from the cold. I could see that she had lost that pink colour that had been on her cheeks that she had before and now, instead, she gave off a bluish hue that made my stomach turn. And then my eyes trailed down to her feet and a few of the black nubs where her toes were. My eyes widened and my breakfast felt like wanting to come up as they found their way to the fallen off toes by the middle of the elevator.

I forced my eyes away and swallowed past the urge to throw up and looked back at Mia's face and the small bits of icicles hanging by the tips of her eyelashes and cheeks. A thin layer of frost also found its way onto her grey clothes and her blond hair.

Ace made his way slowly into the elevator as he turned the thing off and then picked Mia up none too gently. He then threw her out of the elevator and took the bat off of his shoulder. She used the heels of her hands to catch herself before going face first into the hard floor, and then she turned around, looking up at Ace with fresh tears in her eyes, and raising her hands out in front of her face.

I watched in utter horror as Ace raised the bat and swung it. Hard. It connected with her already extremely delicate fingers, completely shattering them.

Screams echoed around the room, but they weren't coming from Mia. At least not right away. Willow and I were in shock to react much, but I could hear the other girls crying out for Ace to stop.

Ace didn't seem to hear, nor care, for he raised the bat once again to make the killing blow to Mia's head. Mia on the other hand didn't seem too worried about Ace anymore. Instead, she was staring wide-eyed and open mouthed at her missing fingers.

I could feel Willow's hands squeeze my arm. I didn't even know she had clamped them around my limb. I had been too entranced in everything that had been going down to notice.

Ace swung the bat again, this time hitting Mia dead center in her skull. As soon as the bat made contact with her head, she went limp and hit the floor. Her tangled mess of hair fanned out around her and I could see a huge dent where the bat hit her.

Ace dropped the bat, the bat making a loud ding sound in the sudden silence of the hall. He then turned to us, slightly out of breath. "This way."


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