The Awakening

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A long lost hope, a flame that stopped burning deep inside of me. It had been centuries since someone offered me something or asked for a favor. Everyone forgot about me ever since those mortals lost there battle
they ignored my existance untill everyone forgot me. Atleast thats what I thought.

2000 years after I got my last offering was I asleep well not really asleep but thats what you could call it. Until I felt something burn inside of me, a feeling I last felt exactly 2000 years ago on May 3th 20 A.C. Now it was May 3th 2020. When I looked in the mirror that showed me everything, Vendette's Mirror I saw a young girl standing in front of my shrine. Her Blonde curly Hair fell around her small face. She had a huge smile
"There you go! Now you too have a candy and a friend! No one should be lonely" You could say that I was confused for sure. What did she want in return. As she walked away I decided to protect her whatever might happen as she had chosen me for her last piece of candy. Any other god would have just let her walk off because the offer was just a candy but it meant the world to me.
And ever since that day.. The little Clara was my High Priestress and The Flame inside of me had a reason to stay burning again.

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