Little William

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"Who are you?" The little boy asked again. "I will be your teacher next year William" I said as I snapped out of the flashback "Oh!" His eyes were full of happiness. "you are very tall miss" he continued while I sat down petting one of his dogs, the white one. "whats the name of your doggy William?" I asked him with a soft voice "Hes called Lucius!" Lucius.. they could've called the poor thing any name and chose Lucius. Anyways lets get back to what matters. I met Clara her best friend William. He would help me in my mission to protect her. I spend the afternoon with the little boy till his dad pulled up. I watched from behind a window as a very good looking man got out of the car.

 I watched from behind a window as a very good looking man got out of the car

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His eyes, his body he was just perfect.. to perfect. I decided to leave that instant and appeared at my own house. I had a house with a seperate watertank, every one of these houses had it as I lived in a small appartement on the side of the city. It got cold sometimes especially during winter but I was fine with that. As the christmas break was over I needed to start teaching first graders and dang.. I dont lie if I tell you they are demons.. horrible children that stick pieces of tape and glitter everywhere. After a month of teaching (so we're now in february) and I allready had a complete burn out. But I wouldnt let that stop me. As I went into the bathroom for a long needed shower I was thinking while turning on the water what I would do after I completed it. As I stood under the running water with my eyes closed I felt it getting thicker and a bit sticky. I opened my eyes and saw that the water had turned red.. blood red.. I screamed and turned off the shower.
I wrapped myself in a robe and looked in the mirror. My skin was stained red  blood dripping from my hair as I stared in the mirror in disbelief; how did something like this happen? I decided to check the water tank outside and when I opened the cover..

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