From a different side

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??? Pov

Vendette had left her house early this morning, to start her new job. I knew she did cause I had been outside her house all night..

An hour after she left I used my powers to melt the lock on her back door and get in. Something smelled really bad and when I went into the living room I saw a small kitten on her couch. It was meowing like it wanted to tell me something and ran upstairs. When I walked into Vendette's bedroom I saw pictures of Clara and.. William? What were those doing here.. As I looked further through the room I saw a black smoking liquid and mirror shards.

How had she broken her precious mirror within a year on earth. I picked up the shards and had a flash back to something that happend earlier this year

Father had called me in his office this morning and as soon as I entered I felt something was off.. My little brother was there grinning in the corner of the room. father stood up when he saw me. My father was the devil, if you had trouble with him you better made sure you knew a good hiding spot or you were dead. He pointed at a chair for me to sit. "My oldest son.. As you know.. Since you saved Vendette when your little brother tried to kill her.. Shes now your responsibility. Do you understand?" I gave him a simple nod. "Yes I understand father" he frowned "Then what in Hell's sake are you still doing here.. Leave!"

I shook my head and looked down at the shattered mirror and liquid, I decided to clean it up for her as I could touch it. The kitten that was in her house came upstairs to be around me and I gently stroked her head, god I love cats. After a few hours I had everything cleaned up and just as I wanted to leave.. I heared the front door open, Shit Vendette had come home. Quickly I slipped under the bed waiting till I could leave.

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