The plan

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Her mother had a breakdown and started using alot again. Clara didnt notice at first the only thing she knew was that mommy started being weird and mean. As I was watching her this made me sad and I decided to do the most stupid thing ever; taking on a mortal body. I mean yeah humans still couldnt hurt me but this way I could help her more.

With a snap of my fingers I gave myself a normal looking dress and correct papers to become a teacher. I applied at Clara's school as a teacher for the 1st grade class at the school, and got accepted! After the Christmas holiday their old teacher would retire and I would get the position, I felt so happy that I could be closer to my new little friend, it lit up my world like the fire inside of me did before. When they asked my name I had to lie. from now on I would be known as Kara, Kara Smith. Was this a clever decission? Was it stupid? I didnt knew back then what I had known today..

After a long exhausting week of focussing a little bit less on Clara and more on my own living conditions I found a nice small apartment a few blocks away from the school. The first few steps of my plan were now complete and I knew only a few more were needed to succeed. But these steps could only be taken when the Christmas holiday had passed. The worst part I had to go through was waiting 2 months, but that didnt stop me from doing my tasks.

In these 2 months of waiting I was surprised how much danger toddlers could be in. I focussed on her whole class as not only Clara needed protection, but all these innocent children couldnt look out for themselves for example, One of her friends fell of the swing and would have hit his head if I didnt remove the Sharp rock that was laying there. As result he just fell on a soft patch of grass and laughed it off. I loved their little smiles and would do anything for them. Another one tripped and would have fallen of the stairs if I didnt open the door of her parents bedroom causing here to walk against it blocking the stairway. They are so careless yet in so much danger.

Half way through the 2 months of waiting all of these children could've gotten hurt badly if I had not been watching over them, so much that you would've been suprised if you were there.

When I got back to focussing on Clara the darling little girl I noticed she had cut her curly hair it went from halfway down her back to shoulder length. She looked happy so I didnt search anything behind it. That same week she went to visit her daddy in prison, if you had seen the smile on her face.. It could melt every heart and the twinkling in her eyes made it even better to look at.

I had to do it though.. wait 3 more weeks..


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