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Just a few minutes after Red Velvet's comeback was released,another video was posted,showing a lady sitting in a colorful sofa,singing and dancing joyfully. Her face wasn't shown at the camera,but when the music stopped,she slowly turned her head,revealing a mystery girl standing and starting to introduce herself right then and there.

"Annyeonghaseyo! Omona. Is this even real? I am debuting,finally?! Kekeke~ Bangawoyo,chingus! I hope you'll support our group all the way,we'll surely work hard for you guys,and meet your expectations. I am Serenity Jastine Goo,and I am the Main Vocal,Lead Dancer,Visual,and Leader of our group."

Right then,the video ended. The video clearly voices out that the girl,is a member of the new mixed gender group that was set to debut in the autumn season. SM Entertainment confirmed the rumors of netizens last year that this group will be a having a total of 10 members,5 boys and 5 girls. Nobody has any idea who these members are,which is totally different because the accepted trainees of SM were usually shown at the public by participating in the SMTown Concerts and were called SM Rookies. SM really hid them securely.

And now the teaser of the first member was posted,Netizens are scanning on other idols instagram,twitter,and sns accounts but unfortunately,they failed. But here is the complete information about the said first member that was posted in the SM website. Check it out below!


STAGE NAME: Serene/Jastine

ENGLISH NAME: Serenity Jastine Goo



BIRTHDAY: April 20,1993

AGE: 23 years old(Korean Age)

HOMETOWN: Wolverhampton,England.


Ethnicity: Half-British,Half Korean

Nationality: British


Serene,there is a reason why she was named after that. Serene is a very outgoing person,who loves to comfort others in times of need. But,despite of that she was very calm and peaceful. She can never be angry to you,unless you triggered something that will surely explode her emotions. Insult her family. She had that one motto,"Harm them,and you start to dig your own grave." Oh well,no one bothers her again though,after that.


+loves to solve riddles

+loves to read horror stuffs

+can solve rubiks cube in less than 15 seconds

+IQ is 190

+been a trainee for almost 8 years






+writing literary stuffs

Hidden Talents:

+One man band,(bass,electric,acoustic guitar,piano,and drums)


+pastel colors









+messy stuffs

+creepy insects

Love Interest: Jung Ilhoon

Interaction: Childhood friend since her first breath on earth. Been together since trainee days with BTOB although they are in a different company. Ilhoon is younger than her but more mature in handling their relationship. Almost broke up when Jastine was linked with Hyungwon of Monsta X but it didn't. Held a press conference after the said issue to announce their relationship.

Fandom Name:


Fandom Color:

Pastel Pink

Idols who will be linked to you:

Hyungwon of Monsta X

Jaebum of Got7

Hyunsik of BTOB

Love Rival:

Tzuyu of TWICE

Relatives in the industry:

Goo Junhoe's sister

Yoon Bomi's cousin

Close friends in the industry

Kim Taehyung

Krystal Jung

Jung Eunji

Park Hyungsik

Park Seojun

Yook Sungjae


Ako fo si Minyeon HEHEHEHE,but Jastine parin name ko dito para feel na feel. Yas naman!!!!

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