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N E W S!!!!

As of today, April 4,2015, a video teaser of the said last member of the most awaited mixed gender group of SM Entertainment was revealed. Fans let out a heavy sigh as they anticipate the release of their debut song and of course,the stage. But,what hitted their curiosity was,how come there are only 2 male members? Of course,they will be not called mixed gender because the ratio is 2:8 right? That's why,netizens started to speculate the company,they felt that there will be some huge announcement right after the debut stage of the said group.

But for now,to satisfy your curiousity,you can check out the profile of the tenth member below!

+ fictional name: kim rae soo

+ stage name: aki

+ english name: akari hurricane bae

+ nickname: aki, hurri, rae

+ portrayer: seulgi of rv

+ fictional birthday: december 24, 1997

+ fictional age: 17 y/o

+ hometown: busan, south korea

+ currently staying: seoul, south korea

+ ethnicity: korean-american

+ nationality: american

+ traits: akari is the type of girl who's too silent, she doesn't talk that much because she's too awkward and for her being a cold one and alone is fun. she's quite stubborn and good manners and right conduct is just another subject for her, and breaking rules is her thing, before. it's only before, and now she's not the akari who loved to break rules and a akari who's a carefree one back-then. since she became a trainee she become more-responsible in everything she will do or yet to do. well being a trainee is not an easy one, what if she became a idol right? anyways, of course as a human-being akari have her bad-sides that everyone might doesn't like. she's sometime sarcastic and mean, but still, she know her limitations. even though akari look heartless, she's still soft and sensitive when it comes to her family. she'll become a sensitive one when the topic is all about her parents, she didn't see her family for almost a year because she's an trainee and now a idol, she'll be a crying baby when it comes to her family because of the homesickness she felt. she's the one who will laugh hard to her co-members joke and she's the one too, who will cry hard if someone to her member is suffering or hurting.

+ trivia's:

- she know how to play piano, her dad teach her when she's in her childhood days.

- she can speak fluent in english, she study to america for almost a years when she's 9 years old.

- she stop peeing on her pants when she turned 10 years old.

- she doesn't like too much sweet foods, she always felt vomiting when she eat once.

- she suck when it comes on cooking, she always tried, but she always failed too.

- she really love pandas, she even wishes to be one when she's kid.

+ hobbies:

- listening to music, especially to sws.

- doing creepy facial expressions

- teasing her co-members

- painting

- taking selcas

+ hidden talents:

- she can intimidate boys voice

- she can do magic

+ likes:

- pandas

- rock bands

- bad boys story

- music

- lip balm

+ dislikes:

- thunder

- high places

- dark places

- liars

+ love interest: song mino of winner

+ interaction: mino and akari know each other since they are child, they are like cat and dogs who loved to do fights, but in the end they will be in good terms. until one-day, akari felt something weird whenever mino is around, she thought at first it was a heart disease but then she's wrong, because she's inlove to mino yet mino doesn't like her and he only find akari as his younger sister. [ sakit pfue heh ]

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+ fandom name: limes

+ fandom colors: peach

+ linked: kim taehyung of bts

+ love rival: yura of gsd

+ relatives:

- bang minah/cousin in mother side

- bora/cousin in father side

+ close friends:

- lee hyeri

- sojin

- baekhyun

- mark tuan

- jaebum

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