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March 19,2015,At exactly 12pm,SM Entertainment released a new information of the new member at the SM Website. This time,it was only an audio footage of the said mystery girl. In the footage,the girl was singing Almost is Never Enough by Ariana Grande and were totally rocking the song. When the audio ended,the girl finally introduced herself. "Annyeonghasaeyo,I'm Kysl Seo,and I am the Lead Dancer and Lead Rapper of our group,Labyrinth." It seems like netizens were literally scratching their heads off in frustration. Mr.Soo Man really do love cliffhangers.

In addition,the background/profile was posted below. Check it out!

Korean Name: Seo Ha Yeon

Stage Name: Kay

English Name: Kysl Seo

Nickname: Kay or Syl

Portrayer: Suzy (Miss A)

Fictional Birthday: February 21, 1997

Fictional Age: 18

Hometown: Ottawa, Canada

Currently Staying: Seoul, South Korea 

Ethnicity: 1/2 Korean and 1/2 Canadian

Nationality: Korean

Traits: bubbly, energetic, funny, wise, friendly, mean to the mean ones, confident, simple

Trivias: scouted when she is sitting in a swing sa isang park, mage-emote na sana siya dahil nahulog ang ice cream niya ng biglang my unnie na kumausap sa kanya.

Hobbies: painting, drawing, cooking, singing, dancing, playing the guitar, piano, violin

Hidden Talents: beat boxing, ice skating, taekwondo

Likes: cute things, movies, animals, jjang bokki (ramen), combination of violet and red color

Dislikes: violence, mean people, rumors

Love Interest: Kim Minseok

Interaction: nagkakilala sila in an unexpected way dahil inakala ni Xiumin na si Kysl ay isang staff ng SM at nang malaman ni Xiumin na isang trainee pala si Kysl ay agad agad itong nag sorry at naging magkaibigan sila.

Fandom Name: Kayshi

Fandom Color: red

Idols who will be linked to you: Luhan

Love Rival:  Im Yoona

Relative in the industry: none

Close friends in the industry: Amber Liu


Second member,revealed! Hehehe. :>

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