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@taeyeon_ss; watched their practice! kekeke~ guys,this is my friend Ryanna. You guys should support their upcoming debut just as all of you did on our group. Hwaiting,girls and guys!~

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This time,Taeyeon(SNSD)'s notifications in instagram exploded. As the picture stated 20 minutes ago,its comments nearly reached 100,000. 

@exo_lover; omona! so excited for their debut stage!

@redvelvetsss; i hope this time,they do treat their artists skills well. Hwaiting!

@snsdfanboy; yes noona! we'll support them all the way!

For more information of the this member's profile,check it out below! You can also check the member;s teaser photos on SM Website.

korean name: jung raesu

stage name: raesu

english name: ryanna jung

nickname: raerae

portrayer: park sooyoung of red velvet (aque nagpareserved :>)

fictional birthday: december 18, 1998

fictional age: 17

hometown: los angeles,california

currently staying: seoul,south korea

ethnicity: korean-american

nationality: korean

traits: raesu is a quite type and a little boyish, and sometime she is being cold, like to reading books, she is kind and if their unnie have a sick she will became worried even if it is not a serious matter. and when her unnies are tired she will cook for them.

trivias: raesu was grew up on LA but she was transferred in korea when she is 10 yrs. old because she disobeyed her parents. and when she is in korea she staying in her aunties and when she is 13 she is trained in SM Entertainment and she is friend of taeyeon unnie of the group snsd.

hobbies: playing badminton,volleyball,reading books,listening to music,playing guitar and piano.

hidden talents:

- imitating dog voice and cat

- she can simulate any dance of the other groups

- she can do anything aegyo

likes: kitties,dogs,dark colors,skirts,shorts,oversized t-shirt,foods

dislikes: dirty things,carrots

love interest: park jimin of bangtan

interaction: raesu and jimin meet when raesu is 11 and jimin is 12 and jimin is always teasing her because her parents is not taking care of her instead her auntie is taking care of her and raesu is always crying because back then raesu is a crying baby but one day raesu is so beautiful and jimin had strange feeling it feels like there is butterfly in his stomach and that day he feel inlove with raesu and raesu feel the same way because she feel inlove with jimin when she is teasing her and one day jimin is leaving and raesu is always crying because of that. (awwts </3 mashaquet :'<)

fandom name: snowies

fandom color: dark blue

idols who will be linked to you: do kyungsoo

love rival: bang minah of gsd

relatives in the industry: jung jessica and jung krystal

close friends in the industry: taeyeon and baekhyun and tiffany

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