Chapter 28 - Ravens of the Damned

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11th September 2311 12:42 EST - "Place your hands behind your head and interlock your fingers," the fierce-looking Jackson Turnbull spat towards Jason and Donnelly, raising his pistol towards the two imposters.

Jason could feel his heart racing. Surrounded by armed hostiles, standing beside Donnelly brought back memories of his time in Europa with Aurora. It was a bittersweet feeling, but one he couldn't help but revel in.

Unlike the chaotic forces of Europa, Jason and Donnelly were surrounded by three ex-military security guards. Their posture and poise confirmed they knew how to handle themselves and their caution meant they would not likely make a rash decision. Their commands were precise and practical, they were designed to provide as little resistance as possible.

For any ordinary human being, within moments they would be on the ground, hands behind their backs with their feet pushed up to their buttocks being placed in handcuffs ready for interrogation. Yet Jason and Donnelly were not ordinary human beings, they were Blue Ravens.

For a split second, Jackson's eyes lingered on the two guards behind the Blue Ravens. That decision was enough for Donnelly to strike.

Launching herself at him, her wrist glanced at Jackson's arm, pushing his weapon away from her direction. As the weapon discharged, the helmet of the guard behind Donnelly scarred angrily leaving the man underneath it discombobulated and confused. With one swift motion, Donnelly had rammed her body into Jackson causing him to sprawl backwards and before he knew it, he was no longer the aggressor but was now the victim.

As if the two Blue Ravens had synchronous minds, Jason flipped around, pushing the remaining guard's weapon high in the air as his finger pushed on the trigger. The ceiling charred as the hissing sound of the weapon's battery burst to life. Immediately, Jason grabbed ahold of the guard's arm, pulling on it unceremoniously, causing the guard to scream in agony. Using the butt of the weapon, Jason used it to incapacitate the guard efficiently. As the guard flopped to the floor, the confused, remaining guard had started to regain his senses, but not quick enough to avoid the onslaught from the exceptionally quick attacks from Jason.

Within moments, he too had crashed to the floor, his movements minimal and his breaths ragged. Before long he was unconscious along with his companion.

Jason turned towards Donnelly as she had the barrel of her pistol focused on Jackson's forehead. The anger and focus that streamed from her face appeared unnatural, and for a brief moment, she appeared as if she would discharge the weapon, instead she smashed it down on him, causing him to instantly fall into a slumber.

Resting his hand on her shoulder, Jason's concern was not initially allayed as the weapon was still pointed at the unconscious ex-soldier, but as his touch eased into Donnelly's shoulder, so did her stance, and her weapon gradually lowered.

"Are you ok?" Jason asked, a bead of sweat slipping from his forehead.

"Yes, I'm sorry. Jackson hasn't made it an easy few months. Though honestly, it matters little." Donnelly answered.

"What do you mean?" Jason asked, concerned by Donnelly's flippant response.

Donnelly's eyes did not stray much from her downed opponent, even after she raised her arm to her face and pressed some buttons on a mechanical bracket that enveloped her arm.

Instantly, all the lights in the corridor turned dim before flashing red. The eeriness of the situation was confounded by the doors around them closing abruptly and forcefully. "Plan B is now in effect," Donnelly commented, her voice appearing broken and strained as a result of the comment.

"What is plan B?" Jason inquired profusely.

Donnelly's eyes eventually strained towards Jason. They appeared briefly devoid of life as she prepared to explain her plan. "We destroy the entire facility."

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