Chapter 37 - Vive La Resistance

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3rd October 2311 05:01 EST - Hours in a deep sleep had left Jason's eyes uncomfortable and unsettled as they opened for the first time. After eventually adjusting to the unfamiliar environment he realised that his eyes had overreacted to what was a dimmed overhead light.

Looking around he examined the medical device tightly attached to his wrist. Data flashed upon it as he moved, but despite his skin angrily reacting to his movements, none of the data appeared out of the ordinary.

"You might want to keep your movements to a minimum, the effects of the stun grenade can be quite uncomfortable." a voice to his side commented.

Jason recalled the stun grenade as it floated and exploded just a few feet away from him. He recalled how it messed with his nerve endings and caused havoc to his senses. The feeling of breathlessness and the burning excruciating pain coursing through his lungs flooded back into his mind leaving him almost paralysed, before the injection from Aurora brought a dreamless but satisfying heavy sleep to leave him in the position he lay now.

That was when he recognised the calm and composed voice of the woman who sat next to him "Aurora?" he asked feeling a sense of restoration knowing she was so close.

"Yep, it's me, Jason," she commented flippantly.

Guilt washed over Jason as he started to piece together the events of the last forty-eight hours. As per his plan, Elijah Turner had organised the capture of the transport and the liberation of Jason and the other prisoners on the vessel. It was a gutsy move that would cost Turner his career within the USM and if he had failed, it would have likely caused him and Jason to be shipped to Io or worse.

What Jason hadn't counted on, was Turner's recruitment of Aurora.

"Why are you here?" Jason croaked.

Springing up from her seat like a viper, Aurora was immediately in Jason's face, her anger sprawled all over her expression.

"Why am I here? Seriously? Are you deliberately trying to press my buttons?" she asked, almost preparing to slap him into submission until she recalled that he was still recovering from the grenade and injection.

Jason realised that if there was ever a time for redemption, this was it, yet he also didn't want to condone her recklessness. "I'm sorry, but I shouldn't have brought you into this."

"God, spare me your righteous crap!" rebuked Aurora, folding her arms in utter disgust at his comments. "My choices are my own, they are not determined by you."

Even now, Jason had always wanted to protect Aurora, but for the first time, he had embraced the truth. He was not protecting her, Aurora was protecting him, and despite all his abilities and confidence, it was she who had always been by his side, saving him from himself, until he turned his back on her when she needed him most.

"Truly, I'm sorry, I have not treated you right."

Aurora refused to respond, a grimace appearing on her face as the apology descended upon her. "I'm glad you're well," she said standing to her feet, desperate not to show the level of anger that plagued her mind, and without looking in his direction she continued, "and I'm sorry for your loss," before stepping away.

Jason tried to raise himself from his bed to stop Aurora from leaving, but the pain was too much to focus on both tasks and before he was upright, Aurora had briskly walked out of the confined space he found himself in, leaving Jason with his thoughts of redemption and guilt.

Positioning himself so he could relax upright in his bed, he took a look outside of the small window by his bedside. He was greeted by the dark endless abyss of the unknown, and the stars that he examined did not form a constellation that he recognised.

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