Chapter 11 - Medevac

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Date and time unknown - "Charlie Tango 27564 to Echelon Command, requesting immediate medevac."

Dust was still being violently blown around the battlefield after the recent engagement called for an orbital bombardment in order to save the outpost defenders. Jason sank back against the defences trying to regain his breath in order to clearly request the extraction of some members of the team. While most sustained minor injuries, there were some that were in critical condition.

He moved slightly and felt the sharp pain in his side that he'd forgotten about. He winced remembering that he had been suffering from a cracked rib for some time now but the adrenaline had helped him to forget.

Jason waited briefly for a response before repeating the request. He knew someone was listening, the vessel was still maintaining an orbit close to their position.

"Charlie Tango 27564, this is Echelon Command. Negative on the medevac, area is too hot for safe extraction. I repeat, negative on the medevac."

Jason was astonished by the request denial and had not really expected it. He pulled himself up to his feet and allowed the dust to whirl around him as he looked towards the outpost entrance. Despite not being too far away, the dust was quite thick and it wasn't overly clear where he stood.

He made his way in its general direction. "Echelon Command this is Charlie Tango 27564, we have soldiers in critical condition, once again requesting immediate medevac!"

It was all quiet on the communication link as the lights of the outpost could now be seen through the dust cloud, Jason was starting to get frustrated by the lack of response.

Aurora raced up to him "What's happening with the medevac?"

Jason shook his head "They're denying it, apparently the area's too hot." He said frustrated.

Aurora placed her hands on her hips aggressively and despite the helmet covering her face, it was obvious that she was extremely angry about the situation. "Denied!? What!? The Lieutenant only has a few hours to live, we need to get him out of here!"

Jason didn't respond, he knew all too well the situation they were in, but there wasn't much he could do about it. What he didn't quite understand was why the area was considered too hot.

A crackle came over the communication link. "This is Echelon Command, request denied. Report to the outpost briefing room in five minutes, we are sending you the necessary encryption details for priority communication."

Jason looked at Aurora confused. "Uh, copy that Echelon Command."

"What is it?" Despite not hearing the communication herself, Aurora could tell that the communication was not quite what Jason was expecting.

"Westwood, report to the briefing room, Pendergast and I will join you shortly." Jason commanded.

"Briefing room?" Asked Aurora.

Jason just shrugged before preparing himself for the expected briefing.

The three soldiers stood arms folded waiting for Schuldermann to do what he could to get the briefing room ready for the next communication with Echelon command. There wasn't much talk in the room, they were tired and irate, and now it seemed that they were trapped.

"Eureka" screeched Schuldermann as the lights dimmed and the large table in the centre of the room glowed blue. Unfortunately, no one shared his enthusiasm. It wasn't until he noticed the glare from Jason that he turned and quickly exited the room.

Jason folded his arms, he was too tired and in too much pain to be enthralled by this communication about to happen, and knowing that time was of the essence he felt increasingly more impatient. Whichever Captain or Major that was going to give them the rundown for why a medevac was denied was about to get an earful. Even if it could potentially mean a court-martial!

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