My Other Teen Pregnancy Books!

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If you enjoyed Surprisingly Perfect, feel free to check out my other teen pregnancy stories, which I've categorized below! 

Which one are you most excited to read next? 

Gold Tier (My favorites): 

Full Bloom (the prequel to this book) and Drama Momma (the sequel to this book) 

Lakeside Love: A perfect story for summer! A story following Kimi, a teen navigating the traumatic incident that led to her pregnancy as she repairs her broken relationship with her former-alcoholic father. But spending the summer isn't as bad as it seems when she makes some interesting new friends, including her love interest, Brayden. 

The Unstoppable Zuri: a story following Zuri, a teen with Cerebral Palsy, as she navigates the ups and downs of single motherhood, following the sudden breakup with her boyfriend, Elliot. 

Harper & Lee Plus Three: a story following Harper and her boyfriend Lee as they grapple life as teen parents of triplets, then later becoming television stars and parents of nine kids by the time they're nineteen! 

Silver Tier (I loved writing these but they're not my absolute favorites): 

Because of a Cowboy: a country/modern western themed story with a serious love triangle. Willa has to chose between her badboy baby daddy, Halden, and her nerdy bestie, Toby. 

The Bad Boy's Little Pumpkin: a comedic, lighthearted story with an MC whose name is literally Pumpkin. It's also fall themed. 

No Matter What: a moving story following space-obsessed Ayla during her high-risk pregnancy, following an accident that leaves her boyfriend Connor paralyzed. 

Mom in Middle School: a story following 13-year-old Roslyn, a troubled child with a whole life in foster care, who gets pregnant in the eighth grade. Not only that, but she's in a brand-new foster home and a brand-new middle school. 

Bronze Tier (Still precious to me, but I did not love writing them): 

Happily Ever Aster (and it's sequel, Teen Mom in a Pandemic): a story that takes place during the height of 2020, following Aster as she finds out she's pregnant following the death of her boyfriend, Jaxson. 

Face the Music: a story following spoiled teen Denali as she realizes her hopes and dreams of stardom come crashing down when she becomes pregnant by her best friend, Hudson. She loves Hudson and wants to be a family, but there's just one reason they can't. He's gay. 

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