The Fight

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We followed Darth Chase as he led us through the massive crowds of crazy, drunk, and crazy-drunk people. I guarded my bump protectively as we got nudged and pushed a few times.

I may or may not have pushed back. They weren't even here yet, but there was nothing I wouldn't do to protect my boys.

We ended up in the backyard, where the pool and the hot tub were. The patio was filled with smoke from a combination of vapes, cigarettes, and bongs. I lifted my shirt up over my nose. Definitely didn't want to breathe any of that in.

The outside was just like the inside of the house, only without the strobe lights. Plastic cups were all over the ground, underage teens were clinking beer bottles, and everyone was taking selfies. It looked like something out of a movie.

When I saw what else was out there, I was about to lose it. The hot tub was drained and filled up with candy. However, it wasn't filled with just any candy. It was full of Butterfingers. When Jace texted me on his burner phone yesterday and asked about what candy I was craving, this was not what I had in mind.

In an unstoppable pregnancy craving rage, I ran over to that hot tub and started tearing the wrappers of those butterfingers open and popping them in my mouth. It took me a second to notice Jace, who was walking around with his shirt off while other girls ogled over him. He lowered his sunglasses and winked.

Plan B. There were too many people around for us to talk in private, and he didn't want Chase to have any suspicions about us being together, so we were going with Plan B. I nodded and winked back as discreetly as I could.

"Hey, what makes you think you can start shoving candy in your fat face, maid?" Jace said, loud enough for everyone around us to hear.

"Bro, what the hell are you doing?" Chase yelled through his helmet, before ripping it off and throwing it on the ground. 

Julia let out a gasp and leaned over to me.

"I know about that helmet. That costs over five-hundred dollars!" she said.

"Cool your tits, golden boy. I'll do what I want," Jace said as he smirked. 

"Look at what you're doing! I can't believe you're still acting like this!" Chase said.

"What? Acting like a normal teenager on a Friday night? You're not the boss of me," Jace said.

"Then let the girl have some candy!" Chase said.

Everyone goofing off outside started looking around. Their eyes landed on Chase. They instantly realized he was who he was, and took out their phones so they could film and take pictures. The smoke-filled back yard erupted with gasps and whispers.

"Fuck off, Chase," Jace said.

"No, you need to step up!" Chase said. "You're going to be a dad in two months, and the mother of your children has been here for at least an hour, and all you're doing is being a player! Chrys is a good person and all you do is treat her like shit!"

Oh Chase. If you believed your brother, maybe you'd understand why. You'd understand who he really is.

The crowd was growing. Shocked whispers followed. Yup. Everyone officially knew that Jace was the father of my babies. Great. Just great.

I got so nervous that I ran inside and searched frantically for Cler and Poppy. Julia waddled along behind me, holding the back of my shirt. We could barely see. Someone must've raised the settings on a bunch of the fog machines.

Sweaty, gross bodies were all over me. I couldn't see anything and now I was getting bumped left and right. Unlike Homecoming, there was no spare area where we could go. This was no place for us. I shouldn't have come, but any opportunity for me to safely be with Jace, I was going to take.

Suddenly there was screaming. It sounded like Poppy. Julia and I were in a hallway, and luckily my hand found a light switch. Good thing I knew the house so well. I flipped it and the whole hallway lit up, but I almost wished I never turned on the lights.

Out the sliding doors to the backyard, Chase had Jace, who was in his underwear, in a headlock while Jace repeatedly punched him in the stomach. Poppy, the crazy superfan that she was, was pulling on the hem of Jace's underpants to get him away from Chase.

I waddled as fast as I could into the fight scene, keeping my distance and then grabbing Poppy off the two boys, but she legit tried to break away from me. This was definitely not part of Plan B.

"Poppy, cut it out, you moron!" I said.

"No! I need to help Chase!" she said in desperation. "I can't see him get hurt like this!"

"Stop being a crazy fangirl! It's dangerous! He's just a guy on TV!"

"No, he's more than that to me!" she said, reaching out to him.

"I don't care what he is to you. I'm not letting you get in there!"

Poppy eventually stopped struggling, and stood there frozen like me. I wanted to run, but all I could do was watch. The boys were surrounded by a circle of phones. Everyone was cheering.

Darth Chase socked Jace right in the nose. Jace gave him a kick to the balls in return, but I think the costume was so thick that he didn't feel it as much.

Then, out of nowhere, I could hear sirens. I saw the glow of the red and blue lights shining on the fence. Three cops came rushing in. All the underaged kids dropped their plastic cups and beer bottles, bolting for the back gate. The cops didn't even seem interested. They only wanted Jace and Chase.

They ripped both boys apart from each other, and they continued to lunge, even while being held from the cops, who threatened to tase them while I watched in horror. Even the babies went completely still.

"You cocksucker! You have no idea what I've been through!" Jace said to Chase.

Both brothers watched me as they were put on their stomachs and handcuffed, still panting and high from all the adrenaline. Was I really seeing this? How did one Halloween party turn into the father and uncle of my kids ending up in handcuffs.

"Look what you did now, maid!" Jace said. "This all started because of you! You're never allowed at this house for a party again! You hear me?"

"Chrys, don't listen to him," Chase said, spitting blood onto the patio. He looked like he was punched in the mouth at some point. "I'm so sorry about this."

We stood there quietly as the boys were taken out by the cops. Everyone's phones were on them until they were out of sight. My head was spinning and all my thoughts were jumbled.

Julia was still as a statue. I looked over at Poppy, who was a shaky mess of tears. I knew this look. She got panic attacks every once in a while. I held her for a few minutes until she calmed down.

"Come on, let's go find Cler and Destiny so we can go home," I said. "I think that's enough of an adventure for one night."

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