Telling Jace

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It was a normal night at the Hetcher mansion. I was trying to power through my pregnancy exhaustion and keep cleaning Jace's room, but every once in a while I needed a break. I sat down on his bed to rest for a second. It was good to go—I just replaced all the sheets.

As an extra plus, Jace went out for a ride on his motorcycle. He wouldn't be back for a while, and I'd have all the peace and quiet I needed to focus on getting this place in shape, then finally move on to the other parts of the house.

I needed to get the bathrooms too. Believe it or not, it was a welcome experience compared to Jace's nasty room.

I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. Now that I was twelve weeks along, I was definitely showing, but when I cleaned I'd been wearing baggy clothes so Jace couldn't tell.

When I pulled my shirt tighter I could see my bump. I had another ultrasound coming up the following day and couldn't wait to see my two little peanuts again. They'd already grown so much. 

"Hey, you're not getting paid to stand by the mirror and look at yourself!" I jumped. Why was Jace back already? He walked over and pointed his finger at me while gritting his teeth. "Get moving, maid. This place isn't going to clean itself. I have a booty call with the cheerleading captain in two hours!"

He walked past me and grabbed the wallet he forgot on the top of his dresser. I didn't know if it was hormones or the fact that I literally couldn't take it anymore, but I couldn't move. I couldn't do anything other than sit back down, because I knew that if I opened my mouth, I'd be screaming at him.

I rubbed my belly while he wasn't looking and remembered to breathe. I'd do anything for my babies, and that included being calm in the face of their idiot father. I read that if I was stressed, it wasn't good for them. 

"Hey, I didn't say sit down on your ass. I said go clean!" Jace said. "Why have you been so damn lazy lately? The past two weeks I keep catching you sitting!"

"I'm sitting down because I'm pregnant, Jace!" I said, instantly covering my mouth with my hands.

Oh no. Did I really just say that?

Jace turned around and smirked, chomping on a new piece of tobacco. "Huh, yeah right! Like I haven't heard that excuse from someone on our house staff before." I lifted my shirt so he could see my bump. "Oh...well, someone's been naughty, hasn't she?"

"Yeah. Three months ago, remember?" I said, lowering my shirt. Jace's eyes widened. "Someone got really drunk at his birthday party."

"Sleeping with you? Ha! I may have been shitfaced, but I know I used a condom like I always do. I like the effort, though." He smirked, trying to compose himself. He put the wallet in the pocket of his ripped jeans and started walking towards the doorway. "You're not the first girl to pawn a kid on me."

"Pawn? I'm not pawning anything on you, Jace. Believe me, I wish I was having a baby with someone else. Literally anyone else," I said. I took a second to breathe. "Look, I was drunk too, but you were running around with expired condoms! What do you think is gonna happen? You're the only person I've been with, and you know damn well I don't have a boyfriend because after school I'm always here, cleaning your house. Alone."

He turned around. "You can't prove anything. It's not mine."

"They have paternity tests you can take while you're pregnant. Or, you could just admit to being their father and not even deal with it," I said.    

He froze. "Hold on, their? What do you mean, their?"

I crossed my arms, then pulled out the ultrasound picture from my purse. "Yes. We're having twins."  

"No, maid. You and some other guy are having twins. Not me. You just want to say they're mine so you can get a piece of the Hetcher fortune, but that's not gonna happen."

"Okay, how about this?" I got up. "There's paternity tests you can take while you're pregnant. I looked it up. All you'd have to do is go in and have them swab your cheek. If you're so confident they're not yours, let's take the test to prove it! Then I'll get out of your hair about it."

Jace couldn't move. I'd gone over this conversation a million times in my head. I knew the paternity test bit would get him.

"Okay. You're on, maid. I'll take your dumb little test and then you can go bug the actual baby daddy of your kids."

"Chrys. My name is C—"

"Wait, hang on, you thought I really didn't know your name?" He held his gut because he was laughing so hard. "I know what your name is. I just like calling you maid because I know it gets under your skin."

"Wow...that's so mature," I said.

"It really turns me on when you get all uptight," he said, coming closer.

"When can you go in for the test?" I asked, backing away.

"Make the appointment and I'll work around it." He turned and started walking down the hall. "Can't wait to see your face when you realize you're not getting one cent of my family's money! This room better be spotless when I get back."

When his footsteps were far enough away, I laid down on his bed and put my feet up. His stupid attitude made me even less motivated to work. I took out my phone, found the nearest clinic, and signed up online for an appointment.

Once that was all said and done, I finished my shift for the night and rode my bike home. The paternity test cost over a hundred dollars, so I'd be riding my bike for even longer instead of cruising in whatever rusty used car I could find, but I knew how much taking this test would be worth it.

I couldn't wait to see Jace's face when he found out he was about to be paying me Child Support for the next eighteen years.

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