1st day

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Pov of idk|
You get to work and your greeted by security guard named Vanessa. She hands you your schedule and a map of the place and leaves

'The schedule looks... Very colourful' you think ask your walking to the bakery. You weren't paying attention and bumped into someone "watch out kiddo" said a red haired male "sorr-did you just call me kiddo?" You asked you hated that ppl made fun of you for your hight "yes you are a kid right?" He said helping you up "no actually I work here" you said 'so he was calling me short that motherfucker' you thought "oh I've never seen you before are you new?" He asked "yes I am new my name is y/n" you said sticking your hand out for him to shake "I'm Montgomery gator but most just call me monty" he says shaking your hand "well nice meeting you monty but I have to go" you say walking away to the bakery

Time skip brought to you by my insomnia

You just finished making the cookies for the daycare and you were getting ready to leave when someone walked into the bakery. Not caring to see who it is you didn't look up instead you just said "sorry but we're closed for today" and continued packing "I know bunny that's why I'm here" said monty walking up to you "oh hi monty what's up" you say "just came to ask you a small question" he says putting a hand on your shoulder "ask away my dude" you say "what made you choose this job" he asked "ive always loved it here as a kid I wanted to make kids feel the same as I felt as a kid" you say giving him a sweet smile as you leave to the daycare


320 words thxs for reading
Have a good day or else I'll come to your house and rip your vocal chords out ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍

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