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You were done making dinner for sunny and moon so you walked over to moons apartment and knocked.... No answer so you went to Sunny's and knocked.... No answer. This confused you since sunny said moon was sick. Were they just not answering and ignoring you did they go somewhere you sat there for a minute and thought until you were tapped on the shoulder. You spin around to see monty and he looked nice out of his work clothes he was wearing gray sweatpants and a tank top that was black and had a cat on it. "Hi monty how are you" you ask "I'm ok shorty say why are you sitting in front of the twins apartments?" He asked "oh I made them dinner but they don't seem to be home" you say "well no moon just went to the hospital" he says casually "he what! Why is he ok what happened" you start asking a million questions worried about moon "hey calm down shorty he just has a really bad fever and sunny got scared I'm sure he'll be fine" monty says trying to calm you down "now let's go inside it's getting cold and we can't have two workers getting sick" monty says patting your back "ok I'll see you tomorrow night" you say to go into your apartment and start getting ready for bed you sit there for a minute it's quiet theres no fighting no yelling just silence.

Time skip brought to you by my fruityness
(Next day)
You wake up and go to work at the bakery right now there's no one at the bakery just you. You waited for a little bit and then someone walked in you look up and it's moon! "Moon what are you doing here I thought you were sick" (I almost put dick I love auto correct💜) you say Walking up to him "the doctor's said I'll be fine" He says
Grabbing your cup of coffee and taking a drink "bro wtf I was drinking that" you say "well it's mine now and if you want it back come get it" he says "fine I will" you say Walking over to him Moon puts your drink in the air "you have to give me a kiss for it" he says you pause "haha very funny moon" you say "I'm not joking" he says as he pulls you closer just then monty walks in "hey y- am I interrupting something" monty says you and moon speak in unison he says yes and you say no "ok well sun needs you in the daycare shorty" monty says and leaves "ok well I need to go moon" you say "hold up I need a key to your room sun accidentally locked me out of ours" he says. You give him a key and go to the daycare

*time skip*

You and sun were closing up and saying bye to the kids when a mom walked up to you "excuse me why are you dressed like that around children" the women says putting her hand on her hip "oh I'm sorry ma-" you start but get interrupted "ma'am none of us can control our costumes have you seen Roxannes costume hers is just a crop and short shorts so please don't yell at bunny because of her costume" sun says. After awhile sun and you finally close up and walk home together "thank you for today y/n how about I make you some dinner" sun says walking up the stairs to the apartments "oh no thank you sun I actually have leftovers from a couple days ago" y/n says. As y/n and sunny get to the door of y/ns apartment she notices something "hey sun isn't your apartment right there Why did you walk to mine" she asks "oh I just need to get moon" he says knocking "oh ok" y/n says. All the sudden y/n gets pulled into her apartment and onto her bed "wtf" she screams.

Y/ns pov I think?
I feel arms wrap around me. It's sun and moon "hey guys? What's up?" I ask confused "we saw how bad you were being treated so we thought you needed some love and comfort" sun says hugging me tighter "oh ok thank you guys" I say as I slowly fall asleep.

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