Chapter 9

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 "Well, answer it"

"What? You just told me how dangerous they are!"

"We don't want them to know anything is wrong! They'll get suspicious!"

"Well you answer it then!" I threw my phone at her, and she dogged out of the way, falling to the floor with a solid thud. "Isabella!"

"What? I'm not answering it, it's your phone!"

Right then the phone stopped ringing, we both just stared at it. Maybe we were just being dramatic. I mean, any evidence we had that the Cullens might be vampires was purely circumstantial. And I was beginning to feel stupid, surely I couldn't really believe that they were vampires. Even if a lot of things about them didn't add up, especially when put under scrutiny. But Alice and Jasper were my friends. i couldn't just abandon them because of a stupid suspicion, no matter how terrifying.

I sighed, and went to pick up my phone. I should at least let them know why I wasn't at school. And by that I mean give them the period excuse.

Then the phone rang again. And we screamed.

I never answered any of their calls or texts.

-Where r u???? :(-

-Are you alright?-

-Y didnt u go 2 school??-

-Are you sick?-

We just stared at my phone until Bella had to go home.

The next day eventually arrived, and even without having to say so, we'd both decided to avoid the Cullens. At least until we figured out what was really going on. I purposely arrived late to school to make sure I didn't see Alice and Jasper during breakfast, but I was absolutely losing my mind on my way to geography.

But they never showed. None of them did. I guess in our panic we never noticed the nice weather. Which really wasn't helping our nerves over the situation. Way to not look guilty guys.

With the slight relief of not having to actively avoid the potential vampires, Bella and I relaxed a little and went on with our day. Until lunch, when another revelation made us lose our appetite.

Bella was looking around frantically, making sure Edward wouldn't randomly pop out of the shadows. I had resorted to turning off my phone, but to each their own. Jessica scoffed from the other side of the table next to Angela.

"He's not here" Her eye roll really added something to that sentence.

"What?" Bella frowned at her, after what had to be her third check for bloodsuckers.

"Edward, he's not here." She pointed at the sky to emphasize her point. "Mr. and Mrs. Cullen take them hiking and stuff when the weathers nice. They weren't here yesterday either."

Bella and I shared a terrified glance. If they weren't here yesterday, how did Alice and Jasper know I wasn't here? The Cullens were not sociable, I don't think they've talked to anyone other than Bella and me all semester. There is no way someone would've told them I hadn't come to school. Which left two horrifying solutions; One, they had microchipped me in order to keep an eye on me because they were super rich kids who had no idea how to make friends. Or two, they were straight up vampires who had psychically sensed Bella and I had figured them out.

And had no idea which option was worse.

"So, are we still up for shopping today?" Angela broke the odd silence in the table.

"That was today?" Bella almost choked on her food.

"You forgot?!" Jessica sounded absolutely offended.

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