Rosalie's Interlude

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This is exactly what I warned Edward would happen. But he wouldn't listen and now we're all risking our lives for his little human girlfriend.

I grit my teeth tightly, enough to make my jaw hurt as Edward and Carlisle came up with a plan. I just glared at Edward, who was holding Bella tightly against him. This girl was going to die because Edward was selfish and immature. I hoped he knew that if it did happen, it was his fault.

"Rosalie?" Alice called.

"What?" I didn't even look at her.

"Jasper and I are going to accompany Bella, so, please look after Eleonor while we're gone."

Oh right, the other human.

Why didn't any of them understand?

We shouldn't interact with humans, it's far too risky for them. If we don't eat them, someone else will.

You'd think they would have understood that when I joined this coven.

I grunted out a response and walked away. I stood outside waiting for them to leave so Esme and I could do our job and get it over with.

Victoria was a fast one, always one step ahead of us. James left relatively quickly, but she stuck around for some reason. However, her trail went completely cold after some time, so we assumed she must've left too. Esme told me to warn Alice and Jasper's little friend while she looked over the police chief, who would be Victoria's obvious target.

Warning her was easy enough, she's definitely more skittish and uncomfortable than Bella is about all this, and maybe that's a good thing. I rejoined Esme, better to not lead any of the nomads to her, keep them focused on Bella.

Through the next two days I checked up on her from a distance, just to make sure she hadn't attracted any unwanted attention. Not that i particularly thought she would, she didn't seem like the type. Her heart rate seemed unusually high for a human, but this was a stressful situation and visually you wouldn't be able to tell that anything was wrong with her. So I let it go.

Friday was eventful unfortunately. We picked up Victoria's scent near town again, and we were led away for most of the day searching for her. By the time we returned, Eleonor had been taken to the hospital due to a severe panic attack. Great, I'm sure Alice and Jasper will love this.

Esme was worried, too much for someone who's never even spoken to the girl if you ask me, but I supposed a hospital was a good place to be surrounded by people. Surely if Victoria was around, she wouldn't waltz into a full hospital. Esme wouldn't let it go, she wondered what caused it, because 'surely it wouldn't come out of nowhere'. I didn't know what caused it, and i didn't care. Hopefully she takes this experience to heart and decides she doesn't want dangerous bloodsuckers in her life. Hopefully.

At Esme's request I stayed with Eleonor until Alice and Jasper arrived late the next day. So I left her with them, and washed my hands of the whole ordeal. James was dead, and neither of the humans had been permanently harmed. So happy endings all around, right?

"Rosalie!" Alice's shriek rang through the house.

"What?" I walked down the stairs, before I was suddenly taken aback by a heavy wave of anger. Jasper. Great, they were both angry about something.

"I told you to look after Eleonor!" She stood in the living room, Jasper next to her, simply staring instead of acting as he often did.

"I did. Now stop yelling." I walked towards the kitchen, if they were going to make a big fuss, I wasn't going to be sober through it. Though perhaps my calm attitude isn't doing much since they both seemed angrier than before.

"Then why did she have a panic attack behind the school?!" Her voice began to take on a gravely tone and I could see her teeth changing. I sighed and poured some gin.

"I don't know, doesn't she have some sort of condition? Isn't that what the humans believe?" Her eyes married but she didn't move. Carlisle and Esme appeared, probably hoping to stop an argument before it begins.

"She saw Victoria." Jasper finally spoke up, his voice deep and unrecognizable. Esme gasped and Carlisle came forward asking if they were sure.

"No she didn't." I countered, taking a sip of my drink earning me new glares.

"How do you know?" Alice again, raised her voice.

"Because Esme and I followed her scent outside of town, she didn't come into town at all on Friday. There's no way she saw Victoria." I tried to reason, and Esme agreed, seeing that I was telling the truth. But Alice was far too angry.

This is when Edward decides to come back from visiting Bella. Because we needed someone else to add to this discussion.

"What did I miss?" He asked, as if he didn't already know.

"Victoria almost got Eleonor because Rosalie didn't look after her!" Edwards' face gained a look of shock that I would usually find amusing, if I wasn't being blamed for something.

"That is not what happened!"

"Are you saying she lied?!" Alice got in my face. I pushed her back.

"No, I'm saying maybe it wasn't really Victoria she saw."

I pushed again.

"Because maybe there's something else going on with your little human girlfriend!"


"Stay out of it Edward! And none of you have told her anything because you're too afraid of what might happen!"

"You don't know what you're talking about!"

I smashed my drink on the counter top.

"All of you are delusional! You're lying to them, you're putting them in danger every moment you don't tell them the truth!"

"We're trying to protect them!" Edward again.

"Protect them? You're lucky Bella's even alive right now!"

"Rosalie, that's enough." Carlisle.

"No, it's not! You're lucky it was just a few nomads that saw her, what if it's a large coven next time, hell, what if it's the Romanians?!"

"We'll keep them safe!" Edward.

"Like you've done so far? You're just scared of what they could become if you tell them the truth!"

"That's not true!" Alice.

"Isn't it? Bella's probably a shield and none of us know what Eleonor is, but her family tree isn't painting a promising picture. You should all tell them and get it over with before something worse happens!"

"It's not that easy!" Alice.

"If you wanted easy then maybe you should've gotten yourself a normal human-"

It took me a second to realize what happened, but once I did I was stunned.

Alice punched me. And to her credit she seemed as surprised as I was.

No one said anything for a few moments. I touched my face, feeling a large crack in it. Great, that would take a while to heal.

"Rosalie I-" I held up a hand to stop her, I didn't want any apologies.

"I don't care what you do, or who you do it with," I walked towards the front door, "But don't expect me to be shocked when something goes wrong. And trust me, it will." I walked out.

I ran towards the mountains where I knew Emmet was hunting. I eventually found him fighting a large bear. The moment he noticed me he tossed it aside and rushed to me. His cheerful demeanor changed when he saw the large cracks on my face.

"What happened?" His tone was soft, and he looked sound making sure we were alone, and not under some sort of attack.

I shook my head, I could feel tears forming in my eyes. He cupped my face and held me until nightfall. 

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