crying her tears out

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"Kara!" A voice screamed out Kara's name Kara saw her mom. She tried to reach her but then suddenly she saw her mom disappear. Waking up breathing heavily Kara looks around the room looking for her mom, "mom?" She said slowly remembering her mother is dead like all the others, Krypton got destroyed and everyone died except for her and her cousin Kal-el. Getting her breathing steady Kara got out of bed quikly dressing in some casual clothes with of course her super suit under them. Looking at the clock she quikly leaves her apartment to get to work.

"Kerha!" Kara got used to Cat Grant calling her Kerha. Walking into Grant's office she put down a sandwich and a cup of coffee on Grant's desk. "You're late" Grant says as she grabbed her coffee. "I'm so-" "safe it" miss Grant says cutting Kara off. Kara nods not wanting to make her boss angry with her.

After work Kara got home sitting down on the couch she put her head on her knees as she slowly cries. Cat wasn't really nice to her normally she wouldn't let it take her down but today she had a really hard time thinking about her home planet. Slowly sobbing she stays on the couch for a long time. She wasn't feeling like eating or sleeping she wasn't even feeling like going back to Catco. Hearing her phone going off she ignores it. Her phone vibrates Kara couldn't take it anymore as the person who was trying to reach her didn't give up. grabbing her phone she broke it not even looking at her screen. Not realizing she broke her phone she threw it away while she continues crying. hearing someone knocking really hard on the door she uses her x-ray vision seeing her adoptive sister. she wasn't in the mood to talk to her sister and ignores the knocking. "Kara, I know you're in there open the door now or I'll kick the door open!" A very concerned voice yells. Kara sighs wiping her tears away, walking towards the door she took a second to take a deep breath before opening the door. Facing her protective big sister Kara put on a fake smile. "Hey Alex, what are you doing here?" Kara says trying to act like she never cried. Alex enters the apartment going straight towards Kara's broken phone laying on the floor. "Kara" she says as she grabs the phone turning towards Kara who wasn't even looking at her sister. "Kara what's going on?" Alex asks running towards her sister. Kara couldn't keep her eyes dry showing all the tears in her eyes Alex embraces her little sister in her arms. Kara continues crying and holds her arms around Alex's back.

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