Chapter 1: A Fateful Encounter

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Abandoned Church

Bell: ......Huh

Izuku: I said I'm not an adventurer, I'm a hero. From another world that is...

Izuku says while scratching his head sheepishly and looks at his surroundings once again. Bell just stood there, having many thoughts running through his mind.

Bell: D-Did I hear that correctly?! Did he call himself a hero?! As in, a real hero? Wait, there's no way... Unlike the heroes from the stories that I've read along with my grandfather, I've never seen a hero that looks like THAT! But, what if he's telling the truth? What if he is a hero from another world? Is that even possible...? Someone that came from another world? Is this some kind of a fateful encounter?!

Bell was shrouded with thoughts, feeling lost at what Izuku just said to him. He couldn't believe that he's a hero from another world, since there was never a phenomenon about a person being sent to others worlds in his world.
Izuku noticed Bell's petrified state as he tries to talk to him in order to snap him out from his thoughts. When Izuku lightly slaps Bell's cheek, Bell snapped out from his thoughts and sees Izuku staring at him in confusion.

Izuku: Bell, are you okay?

Bell: H-Huh? Oh! Y-Yes, I'm fine! A-Anyways, follow me.

Izuku: Okay then. Lead the way.

He said as Bell opens the door and goes down to the basement of the church while Izuku follows him.

Bell: Goddess, I'm back!

Bell said when they reach the bottom of the stairway. Then, a person suddenly tackles Bell, surprising Izuku.

Goddess: Welcome home, Bell! You're back early today!

The person happily said, who tackled Bell out of joy.

Bell: Well, I kinda almost died in the dungeon.

Izuku: So this is the "goddess" that he's talking about? Wait a minute, what does he mean "almost died in the dungeon"?

He thought, feeling a bit concerned at what Bell said. Much to his concern, Bell's goddess is concerned the most at him.

Goddess: Huh?! Are you okay? Are you hurt somewhere? I'd faint on the spot if you died!

She says in a concerned tone, checking Bell's body to see if there's any injury from his body.

Bell: I'm fine, goddess. After all, I'm the only member of the Hestia Familia. I would never dream of abandoning you.

Bell said, reassuring his goddess that he will not risk his life on the line.

Izuku: I feel like I'm a ghost here. But, Hestia Familia... what's that?

He thought, curious and confused about what Bell just said to his goddess.

Goddess: *sighs* What a fine thing to say! Anyway... WHAT'S THAT BEHIND YOU?!

She yelled in shock, noticing Izuku who seems to be masking his identity as Bell remembered that he's behind him.

Bell: Ah! Wait, goddess! I can explain! He's not a monster!

Goddess: Huh?!

She said, feeling confused as Bell turns his head to Izuku and whisper something to him.

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