Retribution of Blood

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Midnight's feet stomped down the halls of the Musutafu police precinct. Her face holding a look of pure determination. Despite the pain her body was still in she was spurred into motion due to her unreleased fury. Her fists balled tightly her knuckles completely white. It didn't take long for the news to reach her.

"Himiko Toga..." She spit the name out with venom. Her steps growing heavy and eyebrow furrowing in anger. She tried with all her might to remain rational and calm but the throbbing of her side and the thought of Izuku being tortured was too powerful. The police that passed by Midnight in the halls avoided her gaze and turned away. None wanted to cross her path.

Moving she stopped when she reached the west wall of the station he eyes resting on the interrogation room in front of her. reaching she grabbed the handle and attempted to swing it open though the door failed to budge. The keypad lock stopping her entry. Grinding her teeth she tugged at the door with all her strength. "open... the... goddamn door!" She was quickly losing her temper something that now happened often. Banging on the door she only stopped when Aizawa's voice reached her ears.

"It's locked you know." Holding his side Aizawa kept his nerve even as Nemuri glared at him.

"Then fucking unlock it."

"First of all you need to calm down, you go in there as you are and you can cost us this entire thing." Aizawa glared at Nemuri his gaze not faltering. "I didn't take a stab wound just so you can fuck this up." His words were pointed but they held no malice.

Nemuri closed her eyes, "Aizawa she is the key to finding Izuku..."

"She will be if you calm down. Naomasa is already in there interrogating. now if you want to be a part of this come with me." Sternly Aizawa moved to show a door. Nemuri grit her teeth as she stomped her way to Aizawa. Nodding Aizawa pulled out a temporary badge swiping it against the electronic lock it took a second before the lock clicked. Opening the door Aizawa stepped aside as Nemuri went ahead. Joining her they entered the joint observation room immediately hearing Noamasa's voice come through the speakers inside.

"Tell us where the league are. The sooner you tell us the sooner we can not only grant you protection from both them but Red Hood as well."

Nemuri looked through the one-way mirror her teeth gnawing at the nail of her right thumb. "What's this bullshit? Offering a deal to a crazy psychotic."

Aizawa stood beside Nemuri watching as Noamasa tried to communicate with Himiko, the girl swaying her legs with a smile on her bruised face while her hands were restrained to the table underneath her arms. "This is something we have to do Nemuri without her compliance we have no leads. What's more, Red Hood was willing to wage open war with the drug trade just to get to her. If Red Hood gets her before we can get any information we are back at square one."

Nemuri grabbed her hair, she didn't like this one bit. "Protection? She..." Her body trembled, after all this time she never forgot what Himiko had subjected Izuku to.

"I know..." Aizawa sighed, "I don't like this either but one of us has to think with a clear head. Trust me on this, Red Hood hunting her is something we can't take lightly, i would know i fought him."

"And you didn't win?" Few people could hold a candle to Aizawa in terms of close combat and Nemuri knew this best.

"No i didn't. As far as i know he was injured, how severe? I don't know but that doesn't change the fact he knew everything i was going to do before i did it." Looking down Aizawa pulled a piece of his scarf out from his pocket. "Nothing i know of can cut through my scarf so easily yet his knife did and he knew exactly how i was going to use it. He knew the weakness of my quirk and i don't doubt he knew more."

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