Song of Guilt

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Musutafu, Naruhata, Tokyo, Hosu, Fukuoka... the list went on and on. The cities that made up Japan varied and all had their own problems. Villain attacks, petty crimes, homelessness, each carried statistic all except this one.

Deika city.

'It makes no sense.' Izuku sat within one of the many late night cafes that littered Deika city. His appearance masked, long baggy clothes fitted over his body and armor while his hair was kept hidden by an all black hat. 'Did she lie?... No... I would of known... but why here?' His mind swirling in an never ending spiral.

Call it a gift or a curse but Izuku had great memory recall and he could draw what exactly Toga had said moments before he killed her.


"S...Sh...i...garaki... deal... D...Deika..."


By then the only other thing she could do was beg for death. Still those three words were enough to drive him toward this place. Now that he was here however, his confusion only grew as time passed. He had spent the last two hours roaming the night streets. Yet there was nothing.

Deika city was renowned for having the lowest crime rate and number of villain attacks year round. 'But isn't this a little too much?' No crime at all was weird, too weird, and if there was some deal going on between the league of villains and another group wouldn't it be better to connect to a pre-established one like Overhaul and the Yakuza?

Lost in thought Izuku was only brought out of his head when the waitress of the cafe spoke to him. "Hi sir, would you like another cup?"

Looking to his right hand that held his coffee, Izuku blinked, he hadn't even registered he been drinking it the entire time. "Uh, sure thank you." Handing his cup to the woman he turned his head to the T.V just behind the bar counter.

Due to the late hour all it showed was a rerun of events that happened throughout the day and with the volume loud enough to hear his attention was brought to an interview.

"Hello everyone and welcome back, I'm Chitose Kizuki your host for the evening." A pale blue skinned woman bowed her head, her lilac colored hair swaying as she did so ever so slightly.

Izuku had heard of the woman before but as the camera panned out he was struck with confusion about her guest. It was slim man, hair brown, hairline receding, yet he was clearly important. Even Izuku could see that with the suit the man wore.

"Here with me today is the CEO of the Detnerat Company, Rikiya Yotsubashi." As Chitose introduced her guest a loud round of applause rang throughout the area. Much more than one would normally expect for a live interview show.

"Yotsubashi-sama!" many in the crowd cheered.

During this the man known as Rikiya only gave off a hearty chuckle and a smile. He was charismatic that was no mistake and with charisma surely winning a crowd over was easy but...

Izuku could put his finger on it. What he was hearing seemed more like worship than some simple die-hard fans. As he thought this he heard the waitress give out a content sigh. "Hah~ Yotsubashi-sama..." She said his name with reverence. Seemingly catching Izuku's gaze on her the woman shyly blushed before speaking. "Sorry about that sir. Here your coffee." Placing the coffee back on the small plate Izuku had the waitress turned back intent on watching the interview a bit more before Izuku interrupted.

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