The Hunt Begins

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The sun had still not broken the horizon, leaving only one light source within Nezu's office. The overhead white fluorescent lights initially threatening to blind the group before their eyes adjusted. Nezu sat on the gray couch across from Spinner, behind his left shoulder Vlad King stood, arms crossed over his chest. Behind his right shoulder was Aizawa, the man's fists clenched and eyes boring holes in their captive.

Said captive sat on the other available couch, squished in between Hound dog and Ectoplasm, while several clones stood around the room, making sure no unneeded interruptions could occur. No one in the group had spoken and reaching across the small table in front of him, Nezu grabbed a mug of tea. Bringing it to his mouth the animal slowly took a sip, eyes never leaving Spinner's.

Lowering the cup he spoke, "Shuichi Iguchi, Villain name: Spinner. Quirk: Geko." As if he were reading off a file Nezu's voice was flat, portraying no emotion. "You wished to speak with us. Well again I ask you why? Why after attacking our institution countless times, after murdering a student of ours, why now do you wish to speak?"

It was a question everyone, especially Aizawa wanted to know. The villain lowered his head, mouth opening slightly. "I don't want the league to..."

"Stop." Nezu raised his paw, head shaking, "Stop with the lies. You aren't doing this because of a change of heart. You say you want to stop the league but why now? Out of all the other chances throughout the year. Why now?..." Spinner opened his mouth to talk but Nezu wasn't finished. "Don't answer that Iguchi, quite frankly I don't want to hear the excuses you have come up with to justify yourself finally doing something rather than nothing. What I am concerned about is the league. You have information, information you told us you are willing to share. So if that helps lessen the guilt you have or justifies your betrayal so be it. Tell us what you know."

Nezu wasn't here to play a game with Spinner, the league has been a thorn in his side since they first attacked. Why Spinner left the league? Not his concern at all, besides he knew full well that line of questioning was something Midnight would ask.

Spinner sat still his eyes looking to the table. "For weeks the league has been trying to establish a deal with a villain organization called the M.L.A in Deika City. This group is giant, heroes, villains and even civilians all answer to the same leader. Re-Destro." He spoke, Spinner realized it was useless to state his reason for doing this, especially when the animal already knew.

"Re-destro..." Nezu heard a similar name a long time ago but that wasn't the most important part. If it was true that an entire city was under the influence of Re-Destro and the M.L.A, who was to say that it wasn't the case outside of Deika city. "This is a problem." Nezu could handle a villain group but citizens and heroes... If they were under allegiance with a villain organization, the list of heroes that could be trusted was shrinking considerably in his mind.

His mind was already forming a plan when Spinner continued.

"There's also Shigaraki's new pets."

"Pets?" Nezu looked to the villain his questioning tone not going missed.

"It was when we were at our hideout. A monster showed up, claiming that Shigaraki needed to prove his worth in order for it to listen to him. It kept crying out the name All for One when we fought him. Claiming Shigaraki was a weak successor." The room grew tense and Nezu narrowed his eyes. "Before the talks started with Re-destro we were also contacted by the doctor who made that monster. He brought us to a lab with a warping quirk. I didn't get a really good look at him but there were Nomus. They were unlike anything I've ever seen before."

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