Tragedy and Repentance

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(There is always a reason someone becomes the way they are...)

"W-why can't you be normal?!"

Himiko's eyes looked to the terrified expression her mother wore. Her mother's face twisted in horror mouth agape, feet shifting unsteadily. Despite this she could only focus on the liquid that filled her mouth courtesy of the corpse she held with her teeth. The elongated canines she had been born with seeped with warm liquid.

"Stop it with that creepy smile!"

Her father screamed, his voice filled with both disgust and horror. Yet again the words of her parents fell on deaf ears. It had been like this since her quirk awakened. Therefore she was all to used to this sort of welcome. 'Why can't you be normal.' Absently did she think of the first time that line was spoken to her.

Turning her head Himiko's eerie yellow eyes gazed into the reflection before her. Maybe if she was normal she would still have a family. Maybe she would have finished school, fell in love, had kids. Just maybe if she was normal she wouldn't have killed Inko Midoriya.

(But that doesn't justify what they have done...)

Staring into her reflection Himiko's vision warped, the clear glass becoming a glossy red surface. Her body lacerated. Cuts running across the broken shell that she couldn't even move anymore. It was odd, she had never regretted her actions until this very moment.

Her tear filled eyes looked to the man, her victim, Izuku Midoriya. There were few words she could speak at this moment. "P-please... Kill... me." She wanted the pain to end. The more she waited for death the longer she was forced to sit through her memories.

The way she dug into a poor defenseless woman's flesh, the cries of pain as she yanked the woman's forest green hair, and the pleas of that woman to not violate the only being of her creation.

(He knew how she must have suffered...)

Izuku didn't speak a word to the pleas of the monster before him. He only walked towards the shrill voice in his ears. His boots colliding with the floor beneath with nothing but a *squelch*. The foul smelling liquid underneath rippling. The scrunching of his right glove reverberating off the walls as they took hold of the contoured grip of his knife. With a click did the sheath allow the blade to be drawn.

The silver edge glinted in the light for a fraction of a second before the tip was placed underneath It's chin drawing blood almost immediately. The monster's cries becoming increasingly irritating before he forcefully stopped them. His left hand gripping the hole of which the noises originated from roughly.

For a second he closed his eyes only to open them with only a seething hatred.

(But he didn't care...)

Forcefully did he push his right hand upward. There was no haste, only a slow and torturous process as the volume of blood increased. The squirming that the thing attempted only causing It even greater pain. Pain that he enjoyed inflicting yet had quickly become dissatisfied at the mercy he was showing it. It deserved far worse than this however he didn't have the luxury of doing so. After all this thing belonged to a pack. Still he took time to focus his hearing.

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