chapter twenty four

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A/N: dedicated to @songsofthesoul for the adorable fan art you see in the chapter! it's Pietro & Meg, and I love it!


[ Third Person POV ]

The Avengers had all joined up just milliseconds before Pietro had scaled the London Eye to join Megan.

"What's going on?" Steve had asked, not missing the glares which the other team members were fixing on the Iron Man.

"Megan's trying to shut down the death ray," Natasha stated, turning her powerful death glare to Steve, which caused it to soften ever so slightly. "She just pulled the final wire."

"Twenty eight seconds," Tony said as his face plate came up.

"Pietro is up there," Wanda whispered, suddenly looking very pale. She whirled on Stark, eyes flashing to red, "You let my brother go up there!"

"He's with Megan," Clint was quick to intervene, "if anything goes wrong, she can stop it. Right, guys?"

No one moved to back him up. Everyone was staring at the Eye now, and Clint couldn't not see the fear in their eyes. Fear, concern . . . any fast glances toward Stark invoked vicious fury.

"Twenty five," Tony whispered before he realized he could no longer hear Megan any more. He groaned, shaking his head miserably; "She took the ear piece out, she took it out . . ."

Wanda began to jabber in Sokovian, and Clint was about to move to comfort her when Vision stepped up and wrapped an arm around her. Clint watched the couple for a moment before tearing his gaze away and looking back up at the Eye.

Natasha was shifting back and forth on her feet, staring at the carriage the two teens were in with sharp eyes, watching for any signs of movement, anything that might indicate an explosion. She wasn't afraid, she was certain of that; she was worried for Megan. She'd seen how they'd first found the teen, and feared that even if they did survive the death ray (whether it blew up or not) that Megan would not handle it well.

Her powers were unstable, after all.

Steve slowly slid his shield off his back and back onto his arm, hoping no one would notice. They all seemed far too focused on the ferris wheel to even recognize he had moved. He took a deep, steadying breath as Stark said "Ten . . ."


[ Megan's POV ]


I remembered first meeting the Avengers, which meant I didn't really remember much at all. A buzz of pain, a blur of the silver-haired guy who currently stood beside me. I remembered waking up and yelling at Tony, which brought a slight smile to my laugh. He may have been a jerk, but he'd seemed to mean well.


I looked up and saw Pietro watching me, his blue eyes shining with something I at first didn't recognize, until it slowly dawned on me that it was adoration. That stunned me for a moment.


Then I was smiling, and it was the kind of dumb, happy smile that you get when you're all happy and joyful, and I wondered how I could be having such a feeling when there was a good chance I might not make it out of the situation, super powers bar none-


His voice interrupted my thoughts, bringing me back down to Earth and reality. For those few seconds I had tuned out the beeping, the danger coming on . . . "Megan, the beeping is getting faster . . ."

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